Is It To Early To Tell

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chanice - January 23

I've been charting ,ovualtion started on 21 fertile faze started on the 17 through the 21 .Had intercourse on the 20,21,22,23 .Taking prenatal vitamins. Period due on Feb 4 or 5, what are my chances and how soon will I be able to tell.


Hanna - January 24

I read somewhere that, if you have s_x in your fertile window, your chances of getting pregnant are about 33 %.. I guess you won't be able to tell until the 5th of Feb or even a week later, because pregnancy tests don't always show before. Good luck!! (wish me luck too,please!! I have about the same cycle it seems)


hanna - January 24

Hey mama ,crazy baby dust to you . Finally found somebody who is sharing same cycle as me ,and we are ttc .please stay in touch,don't wanna be alone this trip .Have 2 kids already 13 and 8 .It's been along time for me.So hope to speak to you again.


Hanna - January 24

I'd love to stay in touch and do the waiting game together. That would be great.I haven't got any kids yet and am so excited.. Let's hope it will happen for us soon..


chanice - January 24

Just asking how old r u ?As for me 29 last time I was pregnant it July 2003.Did not think we were really ready at the time.We have been having unprotected s_x after that but we were not charting , Im a First time charter , So Im praying for this time to be it .I had intercourse last night ,stomach still cramping hoping and praying that it is inplantation . Kind of ga__sy .


kim j - January 24

Hey ladies! Im in the same boat as you gals. We started tts in dec. I actually thought I was preggo because my period normally should have came on the 4th of Jan but didnt come till the 8th. I has symptoms too. Im just crazy though! lol.. Soooo this month we are doing it every other day (trying anyways). Last month we did it everyday and I heard that is not good when ttc. Good luck ladies.. Hopefully this is the month for all of us!


chanice - January 24

Hey Kim J Baby dust to you too.(smile) This Is a great way to go through with ttc. Having People who can relate to what we are going through ,esspecially at the same time. My Hubby asked if last nite was enough to make this happen ,because he said for some reason he thinks last night was a winner (LOL) I Just keep my fingers and toes crossed . MY 13 year old is excited about the exsperience. My eight year doesn't know yet. I wish there was a way to just be patient and relax but how can you when you really want somthing that you thaught was so simple to have , but you realize that it can be hard and stressfull.


Julie - January 24

I am on same schedule as you. Due for AF on Feb. 3rd. Had s_x 18th, 19th & 21st. I really hope it worked!


hanan - January 24

hey ladies,finally i found a site where i can share information with .i am 28 and have been trying to conceive for abt 4months but no results it has become really stressful.I hope it will happen soon


Hanna - January 24

I am 28 years old. It's great to share the wait, isn't it? I can relate to what you're saying about being kind of ga__sy. .. I was so bloated last night, unbelievable.. but this also happened last month and then.. nothing. So I'm trying not to hope too much..and be disappointed later (but of course I still will be if it turns out to be neg.). Nice to see that more ladies have joined us! Good luck to everybody! Hope to hear from you again soon.


Hanna - January 31

Dear ladies, How is the wait for you? Time just seems to go by so incredibly slowly.. it's ridiculous.. I hope for good news for us all!


jf - January 31

I am due on the 4th as well and have been driving myself crazy. I don't have any signs yet of PMS or pregnancy. No sore b___bs but have had the worst cold the last few days. I am starting to get discouraged!


chanice - January 31

This morning was the first time I got nausiated and threw up. My b___bs are not soar either and pms makes my b___bs so soar I have to wear a bra to sleep until my af comes .This is the first time no soar b___bs as far as my aireolas ,big and dark are their natural color so I can't tell with that . It's Just my stomach and I don't feel the same I mean I don't have a appet_te .I feel really ( Excuse My French ) b___hey. Let me know if ur ging through the same.


Hanna - January 31

Hi, nice to hear from you again Chanice. Well, your signs are promising! I don't feel too well either, but .. my boyfriend also does not feel so good.. I am afraid we both got the flu or something. Every now and then I feel some cramping and that's about it. My appet_te is as usual. I'm afraid it is not going to happen for me this time, but we'll see. Maybe I'm in luck. Good luck to you!! Keep me posted.



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