Is It Too Early

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Jackie - April 12

my ovulation time was April 2 2005 it is now April 12 and I am urnitating frequently and I am tired, are we jumping the gun? when can I test


jessey - April 12

yes you are jumping the gun


Lenore - April 12

Jackie, I believe that if you are very in tune with your body, you can certainly be aware of the changes very early on. I miscarried a few months ago, but when i was pregnant, I knew after 10 days that something was different (getting up in the middle of the night to urinate, b___st full/tenderness & tired). I am now ttc and it has been 12 days since ovulation and I have been urinating frequently (keeping my fingers crossed) good luck to you!!! I would not test until at least the day that your af is due.


stacey - April 12

I don't think it's too early..if I am pregnant, I started to feel things at 5dpo- now at 13dpo, and no af, so we'll see. They say some people know at implantation (ME).


rose - April 12

jackie i ovulated on 3/31-4/1 and have had those signs for a couple of days are not jumping the gun (although it does not prove pregnancy) wait until at least day 28 to test (a__suming you ovulated on day 14)


Grandpa Viv - April 12

10 dpo is not too early to be feeling signs, but its best to test 21 dpo to make sure it sticks and give the hCG time to build up. Good luck!


Jackie - April 12

would an ept be accurate now


Jackie - April 12

Hey would an ept test be accurate today? I really want to find out


Angie - April 12

Jackie the first response says that you can test 4 days before your expected AF. It all depends on a womans body if she is producing enough hcg to pick up on a test. I didnt test positive until 5 days after my expected af. Hope this helps. I'd say if you can be patient then do it. If not head out to the nearest dollar store and pick up 20 of their tests. Only a dollar a piece and are good tests. Good luck.. baby dust and lots of love.


C.J. - April 13

I wish I could help u but I'm in the same mess.I had fluttering in my stomach a few times and I'm nausea and have stomach pain but everyone says its to early but I know what I feel I think it happened about March25-March31 and its now april12


Lenore - April 13

I know how difficult the waiting game is, but I would sugguest waiting until your af is due, when i was pregnant (mc) the first time i tested which was 2 days before af it was negative, retested 2 days after af was due and tested positive. So you could very well be pregnant but it will be negative.


c - April 13

when is af due? do you pee more when it's due? when i get bloated, i pee more right before and during af. lots of love and hope to you.



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