Is It Too Early To Know If I M Pregnant

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mariespecial - January 13

My period is not due until next friday. I had unprotected s_x several times during ovulation. At present, for the past 6 days i 'v been having mild pain on the left side of my lower abdomen(evenings), occassional mild abdominal cramps (as if i'm about to see my period), mild nausea mostly in the morning especially if i see fish. Could i be pregnant or is the thought just in my head. Please tell me. I want to be pregnant but dont want to keep my hopes up too high.


angelinakai - January 13

It sounds like you definitely could be. the cramps, esp in the evenings and all of your other symptoms sound very promising. hey, my period is due next friday too!!! the 20th? I am hoping that I am too. Are you keeping a journal of your symptoms? I am just in case I'm not and then I can look back and compare. Keep us posted on your symptoms and stuff and we can wait it out together.


Michelle39 - January 13

Hi Marie. I had cramps from first dpo (now on 11 dpo) and have never had them before, they have subsided slightly, although I get the odd twinge every now and then. My b___sts are sore too but still not convinced this is a sign of pregnancy (although everything is crossed). AF is due round about Mon/Tues next week, so will test on Wednesday - tested last Wednesday..mad I know but the packet was just sitting there :o), surprise, surprise, negative but not given up hope. So in a rond about sort of way, what I'm trying to say is that your cramps may well be a sign of pregnancy but only having had them once myself and not yet in a position to confirm, I can't guarantee..but hey, wishful, positive thinking never did us any harm!! Lots and lots of luck.


nikki - January 13

marie--i have had cramping for about four days now. I am supposed to (hopefully not) get af on thursday. My bbs are slightly sore. I had a little cm.


mariespecial - January 13

I just want to says thanks to all of you for your support. I pray i'm pregnant. If i see i see my period on Fri i'm gonna go crazy. Already i think i am cuz i changed my diet, i picture myself being pregnant every sec of the day. I dont want to be to obsess with the idea and end up like my sister, who had several pregancy symptoms and found out she was'nt


KLB - January 13

Hi ladies. I just had 2 positive HPTs today. And my only symptoms are cramps like my period is about to start, & swollen b___sts. Cramps ARE a sign. BABYDUST!!


angelinakai - January 13

KLB.... omg congrats!!!!!!! that is wonderful news!


mariespecial - January 13

Thanks for that info KLB that was rea__suring i'm more calm. Congrat !!!. Angelinakai i think keeping a journal is a good idea, thanks


Grandpa Viv - January 13

Weird timing. You say you have been having these signs since 13 days before your next period? That would be since the day after ovulation. Either you ovulated a week early, or something went amiss with ovulation this time. Sorry to be negative, but in my book there is at least an even chance that this is a cyst at work. Let's hope not. Good luck!


mariespecial - January 14

Thanks Granpa Viv for you input, though disappointing it does make sense. But i believe in miracles and will continue to hope for 1 until i get a -tive sign just to maintain my sanity for a little while longer. Will go c a dr after next friday to make sure its not a cyst. Again thank you.


jo jo - January 15

Mt period is due within this week. I have had sore b___sts for 2 weeks now and nausea a bit. Also tired and had some cramps yesterday. I know these could be signs of my period but I don't normally get all of these and for the length of time. I hace a coil fitted so I;m concerned in case I am and there is a risk of miscarriage. I have done a test but it was negative . wll now wait til period due and see. Have also had a drink which I can normally drink regularly but twice now it has given me heartburn. Has anyone else experienced this. Can I be pregnant with a coil fitted?


mariespecial - January 21

I'm almost 2 days late for AF. Cramps has decreased mostly feel like i'm going to see my period.


mariespecial - January 31

well ladies i'm back again, my period was 3 days late it came on the 23rd and not the 20th as expected. Anyway i tested on the 20/1 the day AF was due( using first response) the result was neg. The 23rd my period started it it was dark red, no cramp (moderate amount) by the 24th got lighter and in the evening turn brown and that continued for another day and a half. Yesterday 30th in the evening i started feeling lower back pain and lower abdominal pain (not cramps) so my fiancee advised me to test again. I did this morning at 3am and got positive result, i'm so elated, will be visiting my doc today to confirm. My advise to you all who want to get pregnant. Just keep the faith. No nobody knows your body more than you. Just relax , enjoy BD and dont think too much on the pregnancy signs or your mind will play tricks on you. At present i have no signs. Also i think i was actually ovulating on the 7th when i started feeling the dull cramps on my left side the following sunday the cramps felt different like st_tch on my left side and lower abdomen. I know 100% i never conceived prior to the 7th cuz my fiancee was not around but visited me from the 7th and 12th. We life in different countries and only see each other every 2-4 months. Good luck to you all and thanks for your advise.


amanda23 - January 31

mariespecial congratulations!!!!!!! What luck! This is my first month ttc and i'm not due for af until 7-11. Three days ago i had a st_tch like pain in my right pelvic area. It lasted for a couple of hours . Is that how yours was???? West Wishes and have a healthy pregnancy



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