Is It True That A Man

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j. - June 22

can tell if u are pg during s_x before you've even tested postive? i remember reading a thread a while back about this. something about how it feels inside(i'm assuming ur cervix)....what do u all think?


Rhonda - June 22

I asked my fiancee if he could tell i was pregnant while we was having s_x,and he said no.But said he had a feeling i was pregnant.


AshleyB - June 22

My hubby said he couldn't tell except that I was a little wetter. But that was it.


bluvsamartinez - June 22

My DH said I felt heavier in that area. I also noticed that I had more feeling and reached orgasm way better


Lin - June 22

No, it's not possible for your husband to tell you're pregnant from s_x. If you ask in retrospect if it felt different, of course he'll look for a way for that to be the case. My husband has told me it felt different a number of times, and I'm still not pregnant.


Rhonda - June 22



Lin - June 22

What does hem mean?


Rhonda - June 22

Oh,I just am trying to think on what everyone is saying.Why do you ask?


Lin - June 22

Because it wasn't obvious.


DownbutnotOUT - June 22

My DH says that when im pregnant around the opening of the v____a I get softer and thicker.


JessicaC - June 22

Hm... I might need to get some action tonight, haha. I wouldn't rely on his opinion. But I do put some weight on his "intuition"... I don't know why, I just do.


Rhonda - June 22

What wasn't obvious?


Danielle26 - June 23

My husband told me the next morning that he "got me". I didn't believe him. I thought it would take a lot more than one try. Boy, was I wrong. I'm almost 6 weeks pg now :)


Lin - June 23

Rhonda, are you all there today? What wasn't obvious was what "hem" meant. It's not a word. I wanted to know what it meant. So I asked. Get it now?


Rhonda - June 23

Get what now?Lin relax,i was just messing with you.mellow out.things are fine.


Emma2 - June 24

Nope , not possible! Your dr. wont even be able to tell by examining you . The only way to tell before above all esle is a TEST.



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