Is My Gf Pregnant

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Drg - February 21

Hey guys, Over the past week or so, my girlfriend and I have been using the withdrawal method (and nothing else) for s_x. We had it reasonably regularly (daily, or multiple times per day) but I made sure I *NEVER* came inside her. Apparently she was probably ovulating at the time, which isn't good either. Now, it seems her period is late (was due today or tomorrow). She's apparently reasonably irregular but it is very concerning. Apparently she's had only a couple signs of her period (sore back etc.) I'm going out of my mind - I don't know what to think. I am aware the withdrawal method is only 81-96% effective but it's driving me crazy. Is there any chance she's pregnant? Any help would be fantastic. Thanks.


hi - February 21

Sorry to say this but if u both used something u would not be going out of yr head right now xx If no c_m entrered her we still have the prob of the pre come making her preg this method is not safe and people fall preg from the pre come which u wud not notice coming out!! Fingers crossed and please dont see me getting on at u but if she did ovulate then there is a chance she is preg xx


hi - February 21

if she does not come on tom take a test and good luck xx


TO DRG - February 21



SugarPie - February 21

Dude, if the withdrawl method were even nearly 96% effective.. well, the condom industry wouldn't be freakin' wealthy. That said, she more than definitely could be pregnant. I got pregnant my first time out of virginity on the withdrawl method (years ago). So here's what I suggest (totally not making fun of you here): hope, prayers, crossed fingers, on your knees begging the heavens for a reprieve, condoms, spermicide, birth control pills, the patch, the shot, and erm..if all else fails a raincoat. Some of us haven't found out we're pregnant yet and it's been a few months so hopefully you won't be in this private hell like we are. Be careful next time, okay?



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