Is My Partner Still Pregnant

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Stephen - May 23

Is it possible to still have morning sickness (therefore i imagine still be producing preganancy hormones) if the foetus has stoopped developing.My girlfriend (Carolyn) and I have to go back to the hospital on Wednesday for them to confirm whather our baby is still alive. If it wasn't would she still be showing symptoms.(the doctors are not sure whether we have a 12 week preganancy, babys maesurments are for a 6 week old, thefore it is a non developing pregnancy) or it is in fact a 6 week preganacy. Cariolyn will have her blood hormone levels compared on Wednesday to last weeks levels.We are both so upset that we may lose our child. Can anyone offer any reassurance. Surely her body would have tried to lose the baby from her body by now, she would be in pain and she wouldn't be getting morning sickness. Please help.


Auds - May 23

Hi Stephen,Sorry to hear you guys are going through atough time. i think your wife would be in some sort of pain or maybe she would have bled. I am sorry i cannot be of more help. I think you guys should try not to stress to much as this won't do any good for your wife or the baby.


Heather - May 23

Stephen - I'm sorry to hear about your struggle. I know it is a scary time. The waiting can be torture! Question... Is Cariolyn having a lot of symptoms? Or is it just the morning sickness? When I had my miscarriage my symptoms had gone away completely. I m/c's at 9 weeks (blighted ovum). I only ever had morning sickness a couple of times early on. Then again there was never a fetus. Only a small amount of "tissue" (as they call it) and the sac. If she is having symptoms still I would say that is a good sign. They say sickness is a good sign as it means the fetus is drawing nutrients from the mother. If it was a non-developing pregnancy than I would think she wouldn't be sick anymore. Hope this helps & Good Luck!


to stephen - May 23

Sorry to hear about this situation, I know you both feel quite bad. My dearest friend had a miscarriage at 15 weeks, with no sign that anything was wrong until she went in for the u/s and they saw the baby had stopped growing. She was still vomiting from morning sickness. I am not sure why bodies play these tricks on us. Best of luck to you both.


to stephen - May 23

second part: I did not mean to sound so down, but, these things can happen. Then, on the other hand, is there is a chance that you have miscalculated when she got pregnant and she is not as far along as she thought??


amy - May 23

hello i m/c on may 3 and i did't start to bleed or anything till my levels went to a 6 so sorry i know how you feel good luck



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