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Nissa - November 10

Oh, another question....about prenatal vitamins. I have been taking a multivitamin since the beginning of September. Would I still need to get prenatal vitamins?? Just wondering! I made my doctor's appointment for Dec.5...they couldn't get me in any sooner. Anyway, gonna sleep now!


Ashley - November 10

Hey nissa, That was a really cool way to surprise your hubby. I told mine last night because I couldn't wait, He just looked at me and his eyes started to tear up and he just hugged and kissed me. It was soo cute, he's really excited. But now he's going into worried-head of household-responsible husband mode- writing lists and trying to figure everything out and going over finances and stuff. Which isn't a bad thing but I told him to calm down and just let himself be happy for a while. I went to school tonight and my teacher is a doctor and I told her everything and aabout how I've got this nasty cold and she said to keep my temp down and I can take sudafed (4-hour) or tylenol- those are the only things she said you can take during pregnancy so I just took a half a dose of tylenol and i'm going to suffer through the rest. The prenatal vitamins have zinc and vit.C in it so hopefully I can get over it soon naturally. I don't want to take anything else, especially being only 4 weeks along. It just scares me. About the vitamins- I think that would be ok to take at least until you see your dr. but prenatal would be better because I think the prenatal ones have a little more folic acid in them but not sure. The folic acid is really important. If you are low in that youre at a higher risk of all sorts of birth defects. I just bought some prenatal vitamins over the counter at Kmart- they say prenatal on them, they were about 12 bucks and their small and easy to take which is really good for me. ( plus they don't stink like most vitamins do) They're called advanced prenatal multi by vitasmart select. When youre pregnant your supposed to have about 800mcg or folic acid. If your vitamin has that then I don't see why I wouldn't be ok at least until you find out from your dr. I don't know its up to you. Keep me posted on your news and how youre doing Ok? Later


Nissa - November 11

Hey Ashley! SO SWEET YOUR HUSBAND TEARED UP!!! OHHHHH!!! My husband is still in shock I think! He works nights and got in this morning about 5 (he's sleeping now) and he woke me up and said, "Nis, its hit me!!" I said well is that a good thing or a bad thing....and he just said over and over, "I'm going to be a Dad, I'm going to be a Dad!" It was so sweet! Guess its starting to really hit me too still I feel like I'm in a dreamworld! I've been waking up a lot at night...can't seem to sleep really good for the last week, guess being pg is why! I usually sleep like a rock. I'm the one going into Finance mode since I handle it all. I am a teacher (8th grade English) and so I'm not worried about maternity coverage, but just other expenses. Thank the Lord for showers!!! :o) Thank the Lord period for the blessing we have just received!!!! I'm so excited...I know I keep saying that, but I am. I'm excited, scared, nervous and just plain tired all at once! I feel pretty good today, just some lower back aches....thankfully my HORRIBLE headache went away. Anyway, I'm off today since it is a holiday so I'm going to clean house and then do as little as possible! At least with my job I've got some time off coming up....Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Hopefully that will help me get through the 12 week mark. When you make it to 12 weeks, isn't that when you are most likely out of trouble? Keep me posted!!


ashley - November 11

hey nissa, when I read about your dh I kind of choked I'm so emotional. We're going to tell his mom today. I can't wait. We are having lunch w/her in about an hour and we bought her flowers in a little grandma mug. She's going to be soooo happy. As for my mom, I can't really tell her for a while . When I told her we were going to start trying she was very negative and non supportive. I think she thinks she's too young to be a grandma and she doesn't want to quit school. Even though I'm 25 and dh is almost 32. I just don't want to ear her negativity.. not this early anyway especially since i'm so happy. Anyway, his mom is really great so...we're going to let her in on the secret. : ) I couldn't help taking another test this morning, It still doesn't seem real to me. My hubby is still kind of shocked too. Usually once you make it to 12 wks. youre most likely to carry to full term. YOure most likely to be in the clear. Where are you from? How old are you? My email is [email protected] you can email me there too if you want. I have your email address saved. I have such a horrible cold... its really raining on my parade here. : ( So keep in touch and God Bless..


Ashley - November 11

(I meant she doesn't want ME to quit school) -Typo- I'm going to school for nursing and i'm in my 3rd semester. Early yet, I know. But having a baby now will work out best with my schooling. I'm only going part time and I'll be in clinicals when the baby is about 2 . Otherwise we would've had to wait for like 3 1/2 years and dh would be 36 or 37 then and either of us wanted to wait that long.


Nissa - November 11

Ashley....I know what you mean about telling the fam! Its the opposite for me family is ECSTATIC, but I am nervous about telling my inlaws! My hubby thinks I'm crazy but I am just so nervous about it. They are wonderful people, don't get me wrong, but like your mom, i feel the negativity coming on! I'm 30 soon to be 31 and just don't have time to waste when it comes to having children! We've only been married 6 mths, so I'm thinking they may say something to the effect of "you haven't gotten to enjoy each other yet" etc etc....I may be completely wrong, but we'll see! I love the "grandma mug" idea! We may try that with his parents!! My husband and I are in North Carolina in a little town called Mtn. View. (about an hour NW of Charlotte)....Going to get prenatals today! Thanks for the K-mart Idea!! :o)


Ashley - November 11

Hey nissa, I've changed my mind about telling my family. I 'm going to go for it. We're going to go to dinner tonight me my parents and bro. I ordered some more flowers- a little bigger though. Anyway I figured even if she's not ecstatic about it she can't be mad at me for telling others but not her. Who knows? maybe now since she'll know she can't exactly talk me out of it -she'll be happy after all. Oh well...Wish me Luck!


Nissa - November 11

It will be fine Ashley!!! She'll be happy for you I'm sure. We're going over to my hubby's parents tonight taking two "I love Grandma" & "I love Grandpa" bibs!!! Too cute!!! The flowers are a great idea also...wish I would have done that in advance! Good luck tonight and if you can post later so I can see how it went!!! :o)


Ashley - November 12

Hey Nissa, well I told my family, dh couldn't be there cause he's working 10's all week and every weekend lately but My mom really surprised me. I never know what to expect from her. when I dont expect a bad reaction she flips out on me and when I do, she's fine. Oh well the important thing is that she's pretty happy. At least they put on a good show for me. Anyway i think they're truly excited.Its a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Now everything is perfect. I saw that post about the first response early test about how the girl was getting false positives and i kind of got scared and I think I'm going to buy another type of test probably a digital one just to make sure. Even though i'm sure i am, i've had 4 positive f-r-e-p-t's. But just to ease my mind on that. Anyways how's things going for you? Keep me posted. I'm going for a nap now I think. I'm pretty exhausted.


kristina - November 12

hello ladies....i was just reading your posts for fun and for some positive posts and i just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS ! you too are really cute and even I was getting chocked up reading about your hubbies and how excited you both are and i'm not even prego to have an excuse to get emotional ! that's questions, just wanted to say CONGRATS ! oh, and i think it's wonderful that you've both stayed around and answered others questions.....i think it's so lovely to hear BFP experiences and advice. that's what this site is for right :-) happy and healthy 9 months !


Nissa - November 12're PG!!! Get the digital clear blue easy test if you want to ease your mind. They usually come in packs of two, but are a little more expensive, but hey, its worth it! I did the same thing you did....worried about the false p, but after I took not one but BOTH of the clear blue easy digitals....there's no doubt about it!!!! So don't worry!!!! I'm SOOOO glad to hear that things went so well with your family!!! I knew your mom would just be so excited! I underestimated my inlaws mom-in-law cried, then making my HUSBAND cry!!!! Now I can't go to the bathroom by myself without my husband coming to the door, "Are you ok?" "Are you alright?" "Need me?" HE'S PRECIOUS, but on my nerves!!! lol....anyway everything is good here, still experiencing some cramping, but it only really seems to happen when I am asleep at night. Its not severe cramping, its mild, but I'm a light sleeper and it wakes me up easy. So I haven't gotten too much sleep over the past two nights. During the day, I'll feel and occasional twinge in my lower abdomenal region, but other than and some lower back pain, I feel great! A little tired though...:o) Think I might nap shortly myself!!! I'll check back in with ya! Kristina, you are so sweet!!! I appreciate the Congrats!! I'm very excited, but nervous and scared all in one!! Thanks for the well wishes also. If you would, please say a prayer that we have healthy babies!!!! I got so much helpful advice over the past 2 mths, that its nice to be able to return the favor! Kristina, are you ttc? If so how long and how's it been going? Keep me posted!!


AShley - November 12

Hi Nissa, I'm going to buy more tests tonight just to be safe. I've been having some mild cramping too, but alot during the day. I hope that's normal. Anyway your dh sounds awfully sweet. Mine is too. We are two very blessed women. I'm so grateful. Kristina- Thanks for the congrats and the well wishes. We'll try to b__w some baby dust your way. : ) Gottat work tonight. : ( Oh well I'll check in later. ..........



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