Is No News Good News Or Bad

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upset - June 7

I have had for the past three months weird bleeding. First period was bright bright red and then pink goo. Lasted three days but was very light. Then next period very heavy clots for one day. Second day nothing, third day pink goo again. Third period lasted off and on five days again. Doctor did a blood test as the urine was negative. They said it would be back that same day before 5 as it was done at the hospital. And that they would call me with the results. It has been two full days ago and I have heard nothing. They say that no news is good news but I figure if it were positive then they wouldn't wait a few days to say OH YEA BY THE WAY YOU ARE PREGNANT. Right? They would let me know right away wouldn't they? I figure I will call tomorrow but I have this feeling it is negative too. I am so sad. So is no news good or bad especially when they said they would call me that day with results.


Angel - June 7

Seems to me that if you were pregnant, they would've called you. Im not a Doctor, or a nurse, but, I am a medical a__sistant at a Drs office, and I do know that your body goes through changes. Im 20 years old, and me and my fiancee have been trying to have a baby for about 9 months now. My periods too have been funny. Sometimes it will be brown, then bright red, then pink, then red again...and the doc just told me my body is changing...


AnneH - June 7

Call them please. I had blood work done and they said they would call me and never did. When I finally called them a week later, they were like, "Oh, no one called you?" I was so irritated. So, you should call them. Good luck.


upset - June 8

AnneH were you pregnant? Thank you. Good Luck to all.


upset - June 8

Ok so day 3 since test. I finally called them today at noon. They said that the lab people were at lunch so they took my name and number and said they would have them call me. Still have not heard from them. I was going to call back but by the time I got off work they were closed. I guess since they aren't to eager to call me then I doubt I am pregnant. SUCKS! Wouldn't the professional thing to do be to call me when they say they will. Makes me mad.


upset - June 8

Well guess they weren't closed. They just called me and told me, NEGATIVE. Is it possible I was pregnant and just lost it early. My doctor thinks that is what happened. Because of the veins that are still present on my b___sts. And the bleeding weird. She said it is very common. How should I feel cause I feel really upset knowing I probably miscarried.



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