Is No Symptoms A Bad Sign

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slowpoke01 - June 20

hi i was wondering if anyone had an iui and not have any symptoms during the 2ww and was pregnant because i had an iui friday june 16th and have had no cramping or anything after the iui and i have read alot of people having symptoms such as cramping 4 or 5 days after iui but i have had none of that and have had no spotting or anything after iui so please any advice would be helpful


slowpoke01 - June 20

has this happened to anyone? i am really worried that iui didnt work


Rhonda - June 20

I have not had a iui,but i know that you dont always have symptoms when you get pregnant.Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.Having no symptoms is not a bad sign(i think your lucky when you have no symptoms).


slowpoke01 - June 20

thank you i still have a ways to go before i can test so hopefully everything will turn out ok trying to stay positive but its hard to do i was ttc so that i could give my mother in law another grandchild before she died she has cancer in her bones and has been going everyday for radiation treatments and just got a call that it wasnt looking good because they want the family with her and they kept her in the hospital so i hope she is going to be able to make it until i have a baby this will be my first if i am pregnant this 2ww is hard thanks for answering me i really appreciate it


Rhonda - June 20

Slowpoke,So sorry to hear about your mil.It is a hard thing to go through,I lost my dad two yrs ago to cancer,and he died when my ds was 5mos old.And now he has two more grandbabies he never got a chance to meet.It's really hurtful that my kids wont ever have a chance to know there grandfather,but i will do my best to let them know him by words,stories and pictures.Anyway forgive me for rattiling on like this.But i hope you are pregnant and she makes it long enough to see your baby.


Seredetia - June 20

Honestly, I didn't notice symptoms at ALL until I looked back on everything. :) The "symptoms" I had didn't seem like any big deal. I just thought I was going crazy (litterally)...even got a listing of the local therapists so I could try and figure out why I was so stressed out and WHY I couldn't cope with the smallest things. lol. SO, if you turn into a maniac, well, I guess that will be a sign!! (Hopefully you won't, though, as I'm driving my dh nutty) Seriously didn't correlate the two things, though, until my AF was late 2 weeks.


slowpoke01 - June 22

athank you for your replies you have made me feel alot better about not having any symptoms i really appreciate the answers and knowing that i still have a chance thanks again


JessicaC - June 23

Slowpoke, have you had any symptoms yet? Just curious. I'm 7-8dpo and I've just had a few symptoms but they aren't particularly convincing. Wait wait wait, that's all I feel like I've been doing lately.


mommymu - June 23

Don't fret, I was already 7 weeks before I started to get symptoms. Trust me, when baby is ready he/she will let you know, "Mommy, I'm here!" You'll be knocked off your feet with symptoms! Good Luck!


ashleyd - June 23

my cla__sic pregnancy symptoms didnt kick in until the day my AF was symptoms...still ok.


sqeekers - June 23

Slowpoke01, I just got my BFP monday, and I had no idea the few symptoms I had were because I was pg. I thought af was getting ready to come any minute, then I started looking at my chart and realized how long my temps had been up. I asked on here why I hadn't started yet, because the thought of being pg this time around honestly had never crossed my mind. I am 6 weeks now, and am still having very few symptoms, and when I do notice something it hasn't been sticking around. I am on day 2 with no morning sickness, my bb's aren't sore, I am not overly tired or cranky any more either. So don't give up hope, no symptoms is definatly not bad.


slowpoke01 - June 23

thank you girls for being so supportive it just seems that e1 that gets their BFP's have had tons of symptoms and here i am with none so i was really worried but you girls have made me feel better thanks alot


kvilendrer - June 23

Hey slowpoke01, I just wanted to let you know that I've never had an iui, but with my first child, i had no symptoms. I didn't even have a clue that I was pregnant until I was 3 days late and tested. I still didn't get any symptoms for a couple of weeks.


schhere - June 27

Hey I had my IUI on the same day as you , june 16th. And i have absolutely no sysmptoms as well as as you. We are exactly on the same boat. I havent done my test yet. Did you do your test? Would love to hear from you.


schhere - June 29

Curious to know what your result was. Hoping for the best.



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