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Don - October 6

This morning my girlfriend did not want to get out of bed. She complained of tossing and turning all night. She was very light headed and dizzy when she finally woke up and had a headache. Later in the afternoon she complained of feeling nauseas and still had a headache. After she ate some food her stomach felt better but she still had a headache. She also complained about being tired today. But only today. We did have s_x after her period was over the last time and after she had taken the pill again. She is on the pill and takes it regulary. She will have her period one week from today. So does this sound like shes pregnant with our baby or just the flu? HELP!!!!


****** - October 6

Ask her, tell her your concerned, I mean she could just have the flu. Or just w8 until a week for her period to come ok.


Kris - October 6

Sounds like she "could be" pregnant. I would suggest taking an over the counter test as soon as she misses her period. If you try to take the test too early, it may not detect certain levels and may give you a negative result even if she is pregnant. I hope that if she is this is going to be good news! I am currently 15 weeks and knew I was pregnant after missing my period by one day. I was extremely tired and had become one with the couch. Not to mention the nausea. So these very well could be signs of pregnancy, or a coincidence. Wish you both the best!!


Don - October 6

Update: This morning she still is very tired but no headache or nausea....


- October 6

It could just be the pill. I think it's too early for her to be having all those symptoms. The nausea usually doesn't start until about 8 weeks, thats not to say that it can't come sooner, but typically she wouldn't be sick yet. try to take the first response pregnancy test, you can take it earlier.


Viv - October 6

If she is religious about taking the pill, it is likely she has a bug. You would think she would have taken her temperature with all that headache business.


E - October 6

Sounds like the flu. She can always go the doctor and get a blood pregnancy test which can detect a pregnancy as early as 10 days post ovulation. The blood test is far more sensitive than a home preg test.


Don - October 6

Thank you ladies....i appreciate i can get sme sleep tonight. Well know next tuesday....ill keep you updated day by day....



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