Is There A Chance I Am Not Pregnant Even If I Had Sex Every Single Day

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ff - August 14

Hi, i got married 2 months ago & am s_xually active since july 8 or so..I don`t know when to expect my period because they have always been irregular both in frequency and length.Sometimes a month sometimes a month and a half, sometimes earlier sometimes later, I really am not following, also the length is sometimes 6-7 days sometimes 8-10, last time it was even longer like 2 weeks or longer(but i now assume the initial part was just the regular discharge with red color )Anyways my question is I had been having s_x with my husband every single day since my last period ended in july 8. For the past couple of days I am having cramps similar to menstrual cramps, usually when they are at this level of sharpness my period comes in the following hour or next day. but it didn`t. Usually i have my br___t get swallon couple of days before period and during it, now my br___t are swallon and nipples are sensitive. But where is the period? I don`t have any other symptom, maybe my body is a little warmer and that is it. I have done 3 pregnancy test -last one around 3-4 days ago and nothing came out. (but the period pain had`t started at the time) Do you think i may be pregnant? i wil actually make another test today.


Helen - August 13

Please don't believe everything you read on here, it's a MISCONCEPTION that you have to get every pregnancy symptom known to man kind. Pregnancy symptoms are only POSSIBLES! It's a bit like side effects on medication, there's a list full of them, but you probably only get 1 or 2 (The medical profession legally have to supply any possible symptoms you can get in pregnancy, it doesn't mean you are going to get them). Anyway, enough off my rant! As you have irregular periods it was probably too early to test. I would recommend getting a blood test done as that will confirm it for you. Just to answer the question of "is there a chance i am not pregnant even if i had s_x every single day?" - yes. Some couples who are perfectly fertile can take up to a year to concieve. It sounds as though you probably are pregnant though as the symptoms you describe are the very common symptoms. Good luck.


ff - August 13

hey..i have done the pregnancy test today and it came out positivce which means yes i am pregnant..That was quite a surprise..good luck to everybody else.


April - August 14

CONGRADULATIONS!!!! FF I wish you the best of luck during your pregnacy. I tryed that everyday thing and it didn't work for me.So i figure im just not getting back on the pill, and when god feels im ready for another baby he will give me. But i'm happy for you.


ff - August 14

thank you April and thank you Helen.


ff - September 24

Here is some updates: I am 10 week pregnant now. To me it is showing a bit but becasue i am very skinny normally you can`t tell from outside.



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