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rbosch - June 11

this is my first time heres my story. i always have had very heavy periods kinda irregular too and i always have had bad cramps the first day of them. well about 6 days ago i saw when i wiped i had browish blood on my toliet paper when i wiped i didnt think anything of it, even though i only get that like the last two days of my period, so i thought maybe i was starting but for 3 days thats all i had was that brownish blood, i didnt even need to wear a pad or anything, i only spotted a little tiny bit but for the most part i just saw it when i wipped and it lasted for 3 days, and i should have started already...does that mean i could be pregnant???


dmevans - June 11

I am in the exact same boat. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about a year, and this is the first time my "period" has been at all abnormal. I get the exact same normal period every month with some bloating and sore b___sts. This month, no bloating, no sore b___sts, and later than normal period that lasted 3 or 4 days. No red blood at all, just a tiny bit of dark brown discharge mainly when I went to the bathroom. I wore a thin pad so it didn't stain my panties, but that's it. I took a HPT this morning and it came back negative. My doctor says this could be a sign of pregnancy and I should take another test on the 14th. Have you taken a test?


dmevans - June 11

Has anyone else experienced this and found out they are pregnant? I am hoping this is the month :) Thanks so much!!!!


rbosch - June 13

i took a test this saturday and it came back neg, so i dont know, if my real period doesnt come soon i'll call the doctor to see whats wrong.


lovejonesy - June 18

Hello all I have been having the same issue. If pregnant this would be an unplanned one. I had un protected s_x on the 10th day of my cycle so theorectically I shouldn't have been ovulating. I took the morning after pill less than 24 hours after the s_x. However i have been having many symptoms of pregnancy. Its been almost three weeks and i have experienced nausea daily. My b___st are tender and my bowels are VERY regular...way more than usual. I got what i thought was period on time after a day of cramping but it is uncharacteristically light and dark brown in color. The nausea is persisting all of which are not what my periods are usually like. but all of these symptoms are also symptoms of the pill. I am at a loss. If i am pregnant i will be happy but as it is unplanned i would like to begin getting things together. any thoughts?


Grandpa Viv - June 19

Jonesy, you did well to take the morning after pill - sperm could have lasted until ovulation. I think you have symptoms of a cycle upset by the pill. Take a couple of home preg tests at one week intervals to make sure. GL!


Confused19 - June 19

hello girls! i was hoping to get some answers. this is my story. its been 3 weeks since I had s_x with my partner, Ive been feeling nauseated for the past week and a half especially every morning. today i started getting cramps. Im losing weight since my nausea doesnt let me eat. But heres the thing, I did 2 urine tests and came back NEG. I also had my period as usual, heavy and for 6 days but started with brown spotting for 2 days. ??. Im getting pregnancy symptoms, Im always tired, I feel depressed, morning sickness, blurry eyesight, dizziness, always hungry, I can lay down ALL day and do the same thing the next day..but yet I had my period?? Has anyone here been on the same boat??PLEASE HELP..!


lovejonesy - June 20

Thank you very much for your insight Granpa ViV!


Grandpa Viv - June 20

Confused, I don't think you should discount pregnancy until you have tested negative on first mroning pee two weeks after the recent period. Some women do have bleeds in pregnancy. The blurry eyesight is worrying - do you have high blood pressure or something? I think you should call a doctor regardless. GL!


Confused19 - June 21

grandpa viv- thanks for the response. And i do not have high blood pressure, but I will definetly check with my doctor since im also now starting to experience cramping since yesterday... thanks for your advice !


Confused19 - June 21

**well, since 2 days ago actually..and its not going away....I will definetly post how it goes after I see my MD!


Confused19 - July 1

hello everybody, just thought id give an update.... so i went to get my blood test and came back positive!!! IM 4 WEEKS PREGNANT! its crazy, i had a feeling i was wen i was only 1 week, however I had my period when i was a week and it came normal, lasting for 7 days as usual. I also did 3 urine tests as well and they all came back negative. So there u have it, I dont know why, but It IS possible to have a full period AND be pregnant! :)


rachel_7 - July 2

Confused19, maybe I should test too. My story sounds a lot like yours. I've been having nausea lately, my lower abdomen feels firm, and I've been tired a lot lately--sleeping 10 or 12 hours a day. And now my period's late. But since I've been under a lot of stress lately, I haven't thought anything of it. Especially since I've had my period twice since last having s_x. I was with my husband April 29, and then he had to return to the Middle East (he's military). I had my period the very next day and it lasted my usual 3 days. 28 days later I had my period again, although it was weird--I spotted for three days, and then it was a lighter flow than normal for three days, then skipped a day, then a little bit the next day, then spotting for two more days. It's been 35 days since then--normally I go anywhere from 27 to 35 days between periods. If it's possible to get pregnant (1) right before or right after a period (when I've always been told you're not ovulating) and (2) after having two periods, then maybe I am. Otherwise, I'm probably just late due to stress and am overreacting. I sometimes feel cramps (although today it's more like muscle aches down there), so maybe my period will still be coming. I don't know.


Jessica55 - July 2

rbosch-Have u found anything out yet? I to have irregular periods every now and then but not all the time but they are ALWAYS heavy! I also always have really sore4 b___b a week before im supposed to start and very moody and crampy a couple days before AF. I normally start my period between 30-34 days. sometime in that time frame. I had s_x during ovulation cuz i can pinpoint my ovulation cuz i have dull achy pain every month when im ovulating. The 30th i spoted brown as well and yesterday i had as well and today i did just a little tad bit..its all been brown. I just now took a test and it came back negative too. For the past couple months i been getting AF every 34 days. So far no sign of her. O and for the past week ive had HORRIBLE heartburn. So the brown spotting heartburn are the only symp. ive had. Hope everyone keeps me posted regardless if u start AF or not. testing the 4th or 5th again if AF doesnt show. Surley i would get a positive by then if she doesnt. Good luck to you girls!


Jessica55 - July 4

any news on anbody?? Today I'm due for my period but no show and I have no c___pms or symp. Of it coming. The brown discharge has stopped since today so I only spotted four days and majority of it was just when I wiped I saw it on the tp. I'm at the lakes for the day with my hunny and friends so plan on testing tomorrow. Have a wonderful 4th everybody! Hope to hear how everything turned out for you guys!


rachel_7 - July 4

took a test yesterday--negative. Still no sign of my period.


bbydhaf - July 5

hie everyone im new to this site but here goes my story, well i was supposed to be on my period on the 3rd actually started having cramps like i normally do on my period but they r not tht severe, Plus i have jus started having these headaches im neva late for my period so im thinking is it too early for me to buy a pregnancy test?



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