Is There Any Possibility Still

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baby_maybe - April 27

ok so there was the whole possible pregnancy and everything. but i "started" my period saturday / sunday and it was kind of bad...but it was dark brown and light pink not red. I know it is possible to be pregnant and have your period or something like it, i still have urges to pee alot and eat weird food. Is there any real chance of still being pregnant or is this my period its just weird from ending birth control? Thanks


kmv511 - April 27

you actually can have your period and be pregnant. its a common sign to miss it which is usually the dead give-away of pregnancy. i also am experiencing similar symptoms and i do pee ALOOOT and just had raisin bran crunch and pizza. real nice combination right? :)


baby_maybe - April 28

ya lol yesterday i had chocolate milk, a corndog a pickle and cocoa crispies just for lunch and then i had a philly cheese steak later, a can of chicken noodle soup and then some ramen. i hardly eat that much ever but i kept getting hungry...but the whole bleeding thing was not light or anything saturday/sunday but today its almost gone but its only been brown in light red?? could this just be my period this month for getting off my birth control??


kmv511 - April 28

your hormones could be all catywompus from messing up your pill.. my period was pretty normal until it just stopped out of nowhere. so i mean it's possible.


baby_maybe - April 28

yeah i don't know if i should take a test or anything yet...? cuz its still going so i don't know if im just wasting my money or not but i think that i will probably friday or something, just as precaution lol thanks for the help! :) so it is still a possibility??


HappyAsh - April 28

It sounds like a period, but what do I know? I know that your mind can make you think some crazy things when you want to be pregnant. You could take a dollar store test. I hear they are just as good.



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