Is There Anyway To Know If I M Pregnant Yet

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Mel - May 22

My boyfriend and I recently had s_x, it was our first time. He did not penetrate me completely though because halfway in it hurt, I'm guessing it could have been my hymen so I told him to pull out. He had a condom on, I'm pretty sure he put it on correctly. It's about one week before my period is due, and my cycle is an average of about 22 days. Although I haven't experienced any symptoms of pregnancy yet, is it possible that I can get pregnant? Please let me know someone, I'm very worried.


Grandpa Viv - May 22

It's very unlikely for you to be pregnant from what you describe. Stop worrying. If you want to keep on going down this path, the two of you are going to have to work on stretching that hymen a little at a time. If you use a lubricant, make sure it is the water based kind found on the condom shelf. Oils destroy latex. Also, with a short cycle like that, you could get pregnant from s_x in the last days of your period. Perhaps you should ask your mom to have you put on birth control pills to lengthen your cycle lol. Good luck!


JJ - May 22

Hey, If your bf had a condom on, and pulled out and didnt c_m, then your chances of being pregnant would be lowered. But, however, there always could have been a hole in the condom and your bf could have pre - c_mmed. For some advice, Even if your bf was half way in you, he still could get you pg if he c_mmed or pre - c_mmed. Even if you got some on your hand and wiped your self on accident you could get pg. Im not trying to really worry you, just inform you for the future.Dont stress yourself over it right now though. Just wait and see if you get your period or not.If you do, then thats great, but then you might want to take a test just to make sure, (some girls can have their periods while pg. cuz i have friends that have been through with that)But if you dont get your period, then you really should take a test. Im not going to say you are pregnant cause you did have s_x and even using rubber doesnt 100 % protect you, But then again im not going to tell you your not pregnant, because theres always "that chance." its just a risk factor that you have to be ready to take when you have s_x.



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