Is This A Period Or Am I Actually Pregnant I Have Signs

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BubbaNJoJo'sMommy - November 2

Okay bout 2 weeks ago I thought I had started my period early(2weeks early)Then it stopped an hour later...I took three pregnancy test that came back with faint postive lines...Then I think I may have started my period but it is really abnormal...Its lite but not pink its red, it has only last 4 days( I usually have periods last at least 7 days if not longer) and it never got to more than just a very light flow...could I be pregnant or is this just a weird period...If any of you know please let me know what you think


Amanda - November 2

It could be either. You should test again just in case. Good luck to you!


BubbaNJoJo'sMommy - November 2

Thank you Amanda...I plan on going to get a test done tommorow


bubba - November 3

bubba you r most certainly pregnant, a line is a line no matter how faint. congrats sweetie


patty - November 3

i hear some many odd stories of pregnancy -so you may very well be---let us knew how things work out for you !


Heidi - November 3

I too spoted early into my cycle. Like around the time inplant bleeding can occur. I was due Monday on a 29 day cycle. I began to spot again on Wednesday this morning took a test and it came up neg. But my b___sts hurt and I don't feel my normal PMS symptoms like backache, cravings etc. I'm going to wait a few more days to see if A/F really comes. I hope that I am. I've had two miscarriages in the past two years I'm due for a break sometime......


BubbaNJoJo'sMommy - November 3

Well I took another test this morning, this time Clearblue Easy Digital...It came back not pregnant but the test strip had two lines....I have heard that this works different, but also heard alot of people get a "not pregnant" have two lines and actually be pregnant can any of you help me out with this


Heidi - November 3

I decided to wait until Sunday to take another test. Last time I was pg (both times) I tested after I was a week late. Just might be too early. I will remain hopefull Baby dust for all of us out there ttc.



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