Is This A Period Spotting Light Bleeding And Nothing Hpt

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macawcrazy - January 4

ok, im confused, can someone help! i was suppose to get my period at the end of the month, last month, and i didnt, so yesterday on the second i started spotting pinkish redish blod, then it got dark brown. the spotting picked up a little and i soaked half of one side of a tampon, then back to spotting, today i spotted most of the day, and then had some increase in flow, enough to fill half of one side of a tampon, there was some stringy looking stuff that came out, and then two different times, and now i have nothing at all. this whole time with all the blood that i had filled one side of 1 tampon. so is this my period? if i passed that stringy stuff wouldnt that be lining from my endometrium or whatever breaks down during time of menstration? could this be perimenopause? i have been normal and regular for the last year and this this happens i had s_x about 3 weeks ago the last time, and probably a week before that as well. so what should i do? is this a sign of pregnancy? im so confused!!! i havent tested, cuz i keep waiting to see if im going to get a full fledged period. thanks!


Cindy Johnson - January 4

Macawcrazy!! my period was like that last month and so far this month no AF. I thought maybe I was pregnant last month, but all neg. tests. I bought some tests this evening, but I am not going to test for a few more days. My last 3 periods have been 25, 26, and 36 days!! That last one has me confused too. I guess we will have to wait it out together. I do think you should take a test, but I would wait a few more days before doing so. Please let us know what you figure out. :)


macawcrazy - January 4

thank you for answering!! what are our bodies doing ugh!! ill be 35 monday, so i dont know if age has something to do with this or not. ugh! please keep in touch im dying to know what happens with you, and i will let you know too. planned parenthood said to test on monday(bday ugh!) so i will. the dollar store carries hpts now, so i can buy a few, nikki



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