Is This A Pregnancy Sign

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Clara - February 10

I have been s_xually active for the passed 5 months having s_x at least twice a week with the same guy. This is the first and only guy I’ve ever been with. He says he's only been with his wife and with me now. Here is my problem I’m very regular in my cycles but the passed two months something different has happened. In January, 3 days after my period stopped I spotted (red/pinkish) for a day. Not too much just when I wiped myself. Then 5 days after that the same thing happened (red/pinkish) along with cramps. This had never happened to me before. This month, 3 days after my period stopped I had s_x with my guy, I spotted (red/pinkish) and thought it was just because of the friction. But the spotting has not stopped. This is the 3rd day and the last day and a half the discharge has turned brown. Can someone please tell me what this is? I've read most of the messages posted here and I would like to know if it is an infection or what. I don't what to believe it's something else. Please help me!


mee - February 10

sounds like you are pregnant. Ive heard that light bleeding can occur after intercourse. Also, you might have experienced implantation bleeding.. its when the egg burrows itself into the womb.. did you say you are with a married man? Or is he divorced?


clara - February 11

Thank for the response. Could the implantation bleeding occure after your period? This is what is getting me confused, I thought I had my period and then the spotting occured. Is that normal? My friend is divorced. I'm sorry I should have said ex-wife. Thanks


Clara - February 11

Oh, another thing what signs should I look for if I'm pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - February 11 (just the one hyphen) on this site is worth reading in your situation. Click on the Am I Pregnant link to the left for some of the pregnancy signs. It's a puzzler, for sure. You could take a pregnancy test for additional input, but you may end up having a checkup to figure out what is going on. It would be nice if you would reactivate this post when you know the answer. Good luck!


luise - February 12

you have prbably caused a minor injury to youraginal ca___l or something causing light bleeding and it culd get infected if yu dont look after yourself. i nt think your pregnant personally, but some poeple have very strange pregnancy symptms. yu'll prbably be fine but go to your octor just incase. you may be pregnant, if you are go luck


Clara - March 2

Well I was suppose to have started my period two days ago and so far I've only been spotting today. I've not had any more brownish discharge. I'll keep you posted and let you know what happens. I also have a doctors appt on the 9th. Thanks for your response.


Mallory - March 2

Is it possible for her to be pregnant evn if she has continued to get her period and then spots later. You have had two periods right??? And then the spotting???


Clara - March 3

I had a period in February. At least that is what it looked liked. Then I had the spotting. This month I had not started but this morning it is comming down not as strong as it usually is but I'm bleeding. This is very hard trying to figure out. Wish there was an easier way to find this things out. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks



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