Is This A Sign I M Not Pregnant Please Try To Answer

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Baby Sox - October 12

I have virtually no va___al fluid right now. AF is due in the next few days. Should I take this to mean I'm not pregnant and that AF will probably be showing up shortly?


Becca - October 12

No sign is a sure sign that you are or aren't pg. Some women are very wet when they are pg and some women are dry. Try looking for signs that a different then normal for you. If you are concerned take a hpt or call your dr.


b - October 12



Dia - October 12

Hey Baby Sox...I am 4 wks pg and I just found out 2 days ago...I am very wet down there, and my cervix is very, very high and it is soft. It normally drops and gets hard after ovulation...but not this time! Hope this helps!


J. - October 12

Dia, how can you tell if your cervix is high or if it has dropped? Help....


Dia - October 12

Hi J. This is what I do...I usually put one foot on the tub, insert my pointer finger and feel towards the will usually hit a "wall" at the top. This is your cervix. When it is low, I feel it very quickly. When it is high, like it is now, I have to really reach and then I barely feel it. When it is soft, it feels kind of like your lips. When it is hard it feels just like the tip of your nose. I hope this helps! Good luck!


S - October 12

Dia is it back or back and up? I can't tell. when I tried I felt Like I was almost able to hit my tailbone. I Know this may sound stupid, but I am Not Sure if I am doing this right.


becca2 - October 12

Baby Sox i found out that im pregnant this morning and i have to say that the past two weeks i didnt notice any cm but i did have thrush for a week so that might have caused it to be different, i did notice though that when we bd i was really wet but thats the only time i ever noticed cm so yeah i guess everyone is different its really whats normal for you i think i usually see i little creamy cm just before af but others have said they totally dry up.


Jules - October 12

To Baby Sox: I just found out I am pregnant yesterday, and I have not noticed any cm really. I am actually a little dry down there. Hope that keeps your hopes up


Dia - October 12

Sorry! It is back and up almost like you are reaching for your stomach...does that make sense??



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