Is This Considered A Period

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macawgirl - January 27

ok, my last normal period was the week of dec 20th sometime, im not exactly sure when but i know i didnt have it for xmas. i was intimate jan. 6th with pull out method. jan 22 i got really intense cramps and started pink spotting, jan 23 i had a little more light red blood with one clot and a few stringy looking things, i wore panty liners and when i got a some clumps of blood i changed it, i did notice a spot mixed with clear and blood. anyway all together i didnt even fill one tampon. this stopped later that day, (tues.) so it was 1.5 days of spotting/light bleeding. the next day i had two different times where i wiped and it was light pink, and that was it. so thurs. i had some nausea with dry heaves, and friday i had menstrual type of cramping that came and went. i had some sharp little pinching throbbing cramps that came on both sides as well. i have been extemely exhausted too, the excersize i have been doing has been on a sedentary excersize bike. i have felt like someone has taken all the energy out of me and i could just non stop sleep. i did a pregnancy test and it was negative. i have been excersizing more than normal as well, so should i believe the test and go on with my normal life and see what happens next month? my friend just had the same type of spotting i just descrbied and she thought it was her period and the following month didnt have a period and after about 5 tests she just now at the end of the month had one turn positive. so im really unsure what to think right now. help!


preggoplease - January 27

I would say that the reason for such a short light period would be from the excersing. That has been known to delay, shorten, and even eliminate periods. But if it don't show up in a few weeks I would test again.


LIN - January 27

I agree. It's probably the exercise. You can always test again in a week to be sure, but if that one is negative, I'd believe it.


macawgirl - January 28

works for me! right now im just cramping and have a mucous discharge so maybe that means it will come later? im gonna wait a month and not worry about it and then go from there. thanks!



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