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Dee - May 28

I usually have a 29-31 day cycle. My lmp was the 14th May. My b/f and I have bd on the 25 and plan on bd on the 27, 29, 30 May. Is this enough to hope for pregnancy? and when should I test?


Grandpa Viv - May 28

There's a bunch of women here who wish it were that easy, Dee. If you are both young and healthy there is about a 1 in 3 chance of achieving clinical pregnancy the day before O, which in your case averages out to the 29th. You might start to feel (or imagine) body function changes a week later, and get a positive home test wth first morning urine about the time of a missed period. Good luck!


Megray - May 28

Hi Dee! I am in the same exact boat as you, my last AF was on the 14th of May and we just started trying, last night was the 1st try and we are also planning on the 29th, 30, 31 and Ist of June. I would like to think that this is enough to have something happen! Good luck to you, keep me posted. I am glad I have found someone to wait with!


Emma2 - May 29

It doesnt matter how many times you have s_x . What matters is if you had it one time close enough to your suspected O date. The highets concpetion rate has been proven to be 48 hours prior to O. You can test 4 days prior to your expected period with a sensitive brand. Good Luck


Dee - May 29

Hi Megray, Well according to an ovulation calendar I'm using I should be ovulating tomorrow. We have bd 25, 27, 28 and will be doing so tonight and tomorrow. But I am worried that I may have ovulated way early than expected b/c my b___sts have been sore for the last 2-3 days. This is a ovulation sign (as I've recently read on the web). Waht do you think?


Megray - May 29

Hey Dee! I think I may also have o'd early because my b___sts are also sore and I had a wicked headache and discharge on the 27th. One of the calendars I have been using says I should Ovulate on June 1st, another says the 31st. I have no idea but I have also heard that this is a symptom of O. If this is true, and you O'ed early, then at least you were trying during this crucial time. Good luck and lets keep each other posted!


kmorris1 - May 30

The month I got pregnant, we bd'd 3 days before, the day of and the day after ovulation. Megray and Dee, hope you get the results you are hoping for this month. Kate


Dee - May 30

Thanks for the input Kate. Megray: Still have sore b___bs. Really sore actually. My b___bs usually only start getting sore around 7dpo so this is unusual, but not totally weird b/c it could most definitely be related to O. Ive also been temping the last couple of days..on the 28 I was at 98.2 and yesterday and today it was 98.6. Im pretty sure I must have ovulated early. I will keep you posted. When are you planning on testing?



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