Is This Morning Sickness Or A Tummy Bug

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Carrie - December 17

How sick can you feel with what is classed as morning sickness? I am 6 weeks late, done alot of HPT's wich have been neg - Just starting in the last week i have been feeling very sick but not actualy being sick but tonight I was meant to be going to a christmas party and had to cancle as I feel realy realy bad and actualy being sick - If I am pregnant I hope this does'nt last long coz this is not nice. And before anyone asks yes I have been to the Dr's and no they won't give me a blood test, they just say to wait another month.


Christine - December 17

LOL morning sickness is different for everyone...I didnt have any with my first two...this time I got lots, but no puking..just nausea...its hard to say at this point what it is...hang in there and wait for that blood test..good luck


E - December 17

Yes, it varies in intensity and duration for everyone. It hit me hard and was not flu-like, but more of a generalized feeling of sickness. I was weak with nausea and developed a keen sense of smell and taste. I lived on cheerios and yogurt as it was all I could stomach. Basically, I felt like c___p for 3 months and it subsided. Just take it easy if you are pregnant and make sure to sleep as much as you need. Most of all, do not feel guilty about canceling engagements and simply lounging on the sofa. GL:)


tara - December 17

You can feel very sick with morning sickness and not be throwing up, with my second baby, I was sick with what felt like the flu for 3 months. If you are pregnant you will probably find that certain smells or taste will trigger it.


Carrie - December 17

Thank you all for your comments - I feel ok again now - It just seems to come and go. I am going to try another test on Saturday and hope it will be possitive, Does anyone know if you can still test neg at 6 weeks late (10 weeks pregnant) ????



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