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Stephie - March 6

okie this morning when i felt myself down there i felt very small amount of slimy feeling and i took my hand out it was clear ... and it kinda stretched .. i think im beginning to ovulate.. anywyas then later i went to pee.. and then when i wipe i didn't see anythign and when i feel myself down there i didn't see anything my question is.. cool i have ovulated but it went down with my pee? is that possible?


jackie - March 6

what do you mean it went down with your pee?????? it(the egg) moves up...what the hell are you talking about? i know this site is for info but my gosh... learn about your body,,before you try to get pregnant and what your body does...


I hate people who are rude - March 6

oh i udnerstand what u mean... lol well.. i don't think that's possible persay... .. anyways you probably felt a bit of the ovulation.. but i don't think u were at the peak time where you ovulate.. and ovulation can take a couple of hours... so don't worry.. and are you ttc? Anyways jackie that's so rude.. if you think people are being stupid or wasting your time.. you can move on and not asnwer or you can state it in a nice way... and it seems liek you didn't understand her question not so much of her being stupid and not knowing her body.. i'm sure all of us at one time asked some sort of stupid question too.. wethr it be here or somewhere else... you wouldn't want people to say mean things like that.. or maybe you just don't care even fi those rude comments are directed at you. Anyways take care everyone


Stephie - March 6

Nope i am not trying to concieve... i just wnana know if i ovulated because.. if you ovulated that most iley mean you are not preggie,,, And thanks to " I hate people who are rude"


vanessa - March 6

I believe that you can still ovulate even after becomeing pregnant. I don't know how often it happens but I do know that fraternal twins can happen this very way. I just wanted you to be aware of that.



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