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Kim - May 13

I thought I ovulated about 7 days ago. Had cramps in ovaries and then thick mucousy discharge that stretched. Well today, 7 days later. I had the same pain and the same discharge. Is it possible to ovulate twice in 7 days? Or is this a sign I should be getting excited about. Took a test and negative. Any ideas?


jena - May 13

i've been in your exact boat. a few months ago i was charting my temps and knew when i was ovulating. it was around the right time. but then much later in my cycle, a few days before my period, i got the same discharge again. i was no longer charting my temp. because i thought i already ovulated. so we baby-danced at this "second" ovulation and that is when i got pregnant - i know this because of the dates they found when doing ultrasounds. SO, to make my point shorter, I'm not sure if you can ovulate twice or if maybe you are just ovulating late, but I DO know that you may be able to get pregnant now, because I did in your same situation and now I am 10.5 weeks with twins. Good luck and have fun! :)


kate - May 14

when a woman ovulates are her temps--up or down...what should a womans temp be during ovulation in celcious.


Grandpa Viv - May 14

Kate, go to to learn about temping. At ovulation temps rise (e.g. 97.6>>98.4) and stay up until menstruation. Good luck


kate - May 14

thanks-grandpa viv---more or less what should a womans temp be to help conceive???


lyz - May 17

it is possible to ovulate twice a few day apart


Mrs. M - May 17

I'm riding in this boat as well. I know I ovulated 4/30-5/1. On May 4th I swear I felt ovulation again but...I was at work. Had intercourse that night but who knows! AF was due on the 14th no show yet. Today is the 17th and if she shows today I guess I did ovulate again on the 4th and we didn't concieve on the 4th. This is major fustrating!!!


Ashley - May 18

same thing is happening to me except the first time i had some cramps and cm (about a week and a half ago). i just started getting more cm...whats up with that? Could i be preggo? ttc for a few months now!



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