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Tiffany - May 18

is it possible to ovulate while on your period? Because my cycle is 22 days and it seems i should start while i'll in my period.does anyone know ?


b - May 18



Paula - May 18

I know that it is possible for you body to start preparing for ovulation, but while that is tricky. Try taking a OPK test and see if your LH are elevated. Are you temping? Hope this helps.


Grandpa Viv - May 18

Ovulation is generally 14 days plus or minus 2 before menstruation. With a 22 day cycle that scarcely gives everything enough time to happen. You may have a luteal phase (after ovulation) that is too short for implantation. Start by temp charting ( try ) for a couple of months to figure out when you are ovulating. Learn about cervical mucus and position indicators for ovulation. When you have a good idea how your cycle goes, you might then want to spend money on OPK. Take your charts to a doctor if you want help with the luteal phase. Good luck!


Tiffany - May 18

the chances of me becoming pregnant are slim im guessing is that right?


beth - May 19

yeah !!!! so what the hell does that mean---people with short cycles dont become pregnant ???? what the hell---were we forgottin by god ???


tiffany - May 19

beth... do you have a short cycle too? what cycle are you?


beth - May 19

my cycle----it is terrible sometimes 21 days-28 days --32 days---sometimes when i am streed i get it every 2 weeks.but i did some reasearch and i read that when you get it very ofeten like every 2 weeks and it is not a real periodthat can also be ovulation. my periods are weird.if i get them ofeten they are light-if i get them every 28 days they are normal.-i go through phases 6 months normal-then months out of whack !!!! but now i am stressed--because i want to get pregnant and the irregularity doesnt help !!!! it gets me scared to think---maybe i am not ovualting...i will wait a few months..if god doesnt intervene to help me make a miracle i will go see a gyno to regulate this---so atleast i knew that i ovulate --etc---


beth - May 19

oh----tiffany---GOOD LUCK !!!!!



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