IS THIS POSSIBLE Because I Am Crying Scared Right Now

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crying girl - June 13

I am two months pregnant or was anyway. The doctors are telling me that I had a miscarriage and lost it by way of what I thought was my period. At two months-wouldn't it need more attention than just losing it through period. They haven't done ultrasound yet. Now urine tests are negative. I thought that far along I would need medical surgery or something. Please answer ASAP. Thanks.


Tulip - June 13

I'm so sorry for you. I don't have any info on this. I just didn't want your post to go unanswered because of how upset you must be. It seems an ultrasound would be a good idea. When are you supposed to see the doctor? Hoping against hope for you. Hang in there. Let me know what happens. Praying for you.


Alicia - June 13

I am sorry, it is very hard to miscarriage I have been there myself :(. It is possible for that to happen though a period at that stage. They should give you an ultrascan to see if all the lining has been removed in the uterus. If they don't see much material in the uterus, they prefer to let it clean itself out naturally.


Nena - June 13

Same thing happened to me before 3 years. I listen you by heart because I went through this. My pregnancy was at 6 weeks and it just started as period like. Than I understood that there are such pregnancies but I don't know how they call it. I was so mad at my doctor even now when I am writing I am mad at him. Now I am trying to conceive again. I know that it is hard for you, but if that happened there's not much you can do. Are you still with your periods? If you are, please go and see your doc and ask him to do a blood test from what it's called period to find out the reason why this happened. I didn't know for such test at that time but know I understood. My doctor didn't even bothered to do such a test. Take it easy and it is good that you got pregnant once, which means that you will soon be pregnant again. (((((((Hugs and Baby dust)))))))



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