Is This Site Addicting Or Is It Me

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Mari - May 17

I find myself looking at this site every day am I crazy or does everybody else do it too.:))))))


Marianne - May 17

Mari, you are not crazy. I find myself cming here and reading all the posts everyday too. I just think this is such a wonderful site for woman to come to for help or advcie with pregnancy.


Megan - May 17

I totally agree with Marianne. I am addicted to this site too. I can't help it! I also read all the posts too! Glad I am not the ONLY one lol ;o) Baby Dust to all!! :o)


......... - May 17

i've only been here for 4days.and im addicted already..yikes!


Cutie - May 18

I come here to read twice, or 3 times a day... we are all in the same boat-eager to get preggo. :)


Amanda - May 18

i am in the same boat too my husband is telling me that i am addict_ted also lol well good luck to all that are trying to conceive and conrats to those who have


Lynette - May 18

Yep - it's like reality TV but we get to play a part - "who's pregnant this month?"... "what methods is everyone trying?" etc etc. And what could be more addictive than chatting to other women who know EXACTLY how we feel?? I think it's awesome!


Hanna - May 18

Here's another addict... it just does that to you..


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 18

I've been addicted to this site since last October....I love all the support I receive and the friendships i've formed, but I especially love hearing about all the BFP's. Atleast this is a healthy addiction, unlike my addiction to Hershey Bars. :o)


jules - May 18



not crazy - May 18

no ur not crazy ! u should see me, i look forward to come home to check yhis site & hubby has to pull me hard for me to let go of the computer. do u still ur crazy ???


limissthang - May 18

It is addictive!


renae - May 18

Hi, my name is Renae, and I'm also addicted.


mari - May 18

ok I am not the only one!!!! You see I am here again. I am trying to get away so I don't think about signs or symptoms. But I just can't. Because I t seems like everyone who is not tring to get preggo is preggo. Thank you for your reponses.


lana - May 18

I am very addicted myself. Its hard not trying to think about it and see without absoultly knowing. I am so glad I found this place where other girls have the same up and down battle. Thanks everyone.


KEEKEE - May 18

Its like crack....heehee...You want more and more.....Hey, do you feel like stealing yet to pay for your internet??.Do you shake when you don't come on this site..Yup, Very addictive!!!!......I NEED THIS SITE!!...Ok, Let me stay off drugs. This site helps me. I love it here and all the great people you meet...Hey Mari, you can always join Miss and I in the rubber room. Banging our heads agaisnt the walls wondering about pregnancy stuff.....................Smooches


vickyxxx - May 18

Hi Guys, Im addicted too, Im from Uk near Portsmouth and am so confused!!! Im just 30 & have two girls 6 & 9. Started trying for my last just after my last period (April 1st) Well... after being two days late I thought WOW! that was quick and came up +, no probs so far then this friday just gone I started bleeding??? No pain no clots just realy fluid bright red, I thought well thats that then! and told my mom that it was a no no this time (but couldnt help thinking was a pretty painless miscarrage I could of gone out clubbing I felt so normal and would of thought there would have been a clot or two, even weany ones) but being as I would only have been 6 weeks spose there isnt much to loose? any way I stopped bleeding yesterday and just did one more test (had two anyway) still came up + straight away and apart from sore b___bs my tummy feels realy tender today ? how long does it take all the symptons to wear off? (sore tummy and + pregnancy tests) I realy want to start trying again and this is all new too me? doc recons I should have a scan , do you think it would b worth it Id only have been 7 weeks and all that blood had to come from somewhere? Id feel a fraud going to the pregnancy unit. thanks guys sorry to go on but dont have anyone else to talk to. VickyXXX



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