Is This Spotting

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Lael - February 11

hi guys, last time I left an entry it was about how i was wondering if I was pregnant. My HPTs came out negative so I was like, hmm o well. My period was due on the 1st but still hasn'y come. On the 9th I started experiancing a very light pinkish shade when I wipe. Is this spotting? It's happeneing this morning and I thought it could be my period but I have no period symptoms what-so-ever. So how soon can I take a HPT after I have this spotting?


jb - February 11

My af was due on the 7th and i still haven't gotten it. i've had signs like i'm pregnant and really want to be. i took a 1st response on the 9th and it came back neg. that same night i went to the bathrm and when i wiped i had some faint pink. since then i haven't had anything. i don't think it was my af it's usually much different. i think i may test again on Monday if i can hold off that long. if anyone has advice please let us know.


Amy - February 11

Hi, What you are experincing could be implantation bleeding...if it is you could test in a day or two to be sure.


jb - February 11

could i have implantation bleeding this late? or should it have occurred early?


amy - February 11

I think implantation bleeding usually comes around the time af is supposed to show. I read that it is usually 2-14 days after ovulation. So it could be implantation. Good luck and keep us updated.


lalya - February 11

hi, i have this too. i was doe for my period on the 10th and on the 9th i woke up in the morning and wiped myself and i had brown spot like discharge. Since that morning i havent had anything atall. I have ttc for 6months and i did a 1st response test 4 days before i was due and it came back neg. i feel so tired and have been in tears today for no reason at all. I am wondering if i had implantation bleeding also? also i have had really bad cramping last week. what do you think? baby dust to every one. x


sarel - February 11

I thought my period would come around the 17th or a lil later but I started spotting yesterday and that is no where near my period (unless it's supposed to start sooner and I just didn't know) my af is very irregular! But I can tell when I'm ovulating and I'm pretty sure me and my fiance had s_x around that time


jb - February 12

Thanks for the imput. i couldn't hold off till mon. so i took a 1st response today and it's still neg. how long after implantation occurs should you HCG levels be up before it can be detected on a hpt? any imput would be great.


keisha - February 12

id leae it a week after sptting to test, that way your body has had the chance to build up levels of hcg in the urine/ reeber, morning tests are the best


jb - February 12

does anyone know what hpt detects the smallest amount of HCG. I read that ept can detect less than 1st response. Does anyone know for sure.


Lael - February 13

Ummm, how long 'should' spotting occur because I'm still getting the link pink color when i wipe and its been doing this since the 9th and its the 13th today???


bette - February 13

jb-the most sensitive hpt's are aimstick, answer early, clearblue easy, confirm one, cvs midstream, first response these all detect 25 hcg, aimstick detects 20, ive read that ept detects 40, aimstick is the most sensitive ive found


Coco - February 21

jb, i saw on the internet they sell hpt's that detect as little as 10 , u can order them online.Sorry i cant remeber which site though. Hope this helped , GL2U !



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