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confused - April 4

Is it true that smoking marijuana decreases sperm count? My boyfriend smokes it like addicted people smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. We have had unprotected s_x many many times, but he pulls out everytime. Never got pregnant yet, but am I stupid for thinking pot sterilizes men? Thank you.


Angie - April 4

confused you are right. marijuana and ciggerettes both can cause a mans sperm count to be really low and can also mess with your ovulation if you do it.


confused - April 4

I was also wondering: I have asked him to wear condom so he doesn't have to pull out but he said it doesn't feel as good. We are both 26 and of age to where we talk about things, but one thing I can't ask him about for some weird reason is if he gets the same pleasure from pulling out. I mean, wouldn't pulling out cause them to not feel the last thrust or something? I was just wondering how all that worked. He finishes and stuff but it is like-when I am about to finish-if he stopped doing what he was doing or whatever, I would "lose it" ya know, so how do men maintain the urge to finish when they pull out? Sorry if that sounds dumb, but just a question I have always wondered about. Thank you.


to confused - April 4

confused i always woner that about the withdrawal method too! (not the we use it coz ttc!)


Audrey - April 4

Confused- Only a guy can properly answer that, but I believe that men can control their orgasm to some degree. You're correct in saying that smoking in any form lowers a man's sperm count though.


Grandpa Viv - April 4

When a guy pulls out it is because he has reached the point that coming is unstoppable. The pleasure is in the how and when of coming more than the where of coming. This leaves his partner hot and bothered and often unsatisfied. You may have to change your bc method to go where you want, or teach him to give you an orgasm before or after his performance. Pull-out is the least effective method of bc. I hope you have discussed your plans for when you become pregnant.


D - April 4

Marijuana and cigarettes do lower sperm counts, but I would be very very careful about a__suming it makes them sterile! Using birth control is still wise! There are other methods of birth control than condoms! pills, diaphragm, etc.



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