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kim - January 10

Well I want to say thanks so much to all of you!!! I ended up starting my period Saturday. Go figure!! I was only on it for a few hours then it went away so I thought maybe it was implantation.. Nope! Saturday night it came back and sorry for details it was bad! I was 5 days late and swear I has all the symptoms. I will call this morning to get the results from my blood work. Im actually hoping it is negative since I had such bad bleeding. It is only 7:11 in the morning here in California and my doc office opens at 8 so I will let you all know my results soon. I guess it will be another month of trying. I didnt think it would be so complicating. This will be our 2nd month and hopefully this will be the month. I am not testing anymore though. It is a waste Of money. Next month I will wait till Im 2 weeks late and then go to the Doc. Well enough about me who has tested positive? Anyone yet? Good luck Ladies!!! I will chat soon. HANG IN THERE!!!!


KN - January 10

I am so sorry to hear Kim. If it makes you feel any better, I am in the same boat, my af feels like it's comming, I have started to spot. I am just like you, I swear that I had all the symptoms too, I guess that they can be ver very deceiving, especially when we want to be pregnant. But pms and preg have similar symptoms. Maybe next month, you and I can go through a positive together!!! Don;t get discouraged, I know it sucks, but it will all be worth it in the end. Chin up!


fi - January 10

let us know kim!! very disappointing for you!!!!!


Lucky1 - January 10

Sorry 2 hear that Kim..... It's ok!!!! You can try again next month!!!! Don't get down.


Hope it helps - January 10

oh kim, i'm really sorry to hear that. i hope you are ok emotionally and physically.


kim - January 10

Hey girls... Well I got my result from the blood test and it was negative.. Makes me kindof happy because with all the bleeding and clots I was thinking the worst... SOOOOO I guess it is back to the baby making. With my af coming late this month my most fertile days have changed right? Can anyone help me, when will I be most fertile? I started af on Saturday the 8th this month but in december I started on the 4th... Thanks again you ladies are great!!


ekay - January 10

Just do the baby dance all the time!!! Then you should hit your fertile days. :)


hope it helps - January 10

if i'm not mistaken you should be at your most fertile day between jan. 18th - 24th. so do the dance starting on the 18th and then every second day aftrewards. maybe even start that the day you af ends. the best of luck to you hun


m - January 10

That means you had a 35 day cycle. IF you stay on 35 days this month, then your most fertile days (best days to ttc) should fall around the 27th - 31st. However, if for some reason you have a 25 day cycle this month, then the 27th would be too late to start. Know what I mean? Just think back to your last few months, and try to remember if you always have around a 30-35 day cycle. I am a strong believer in ovulation predictors, especially if you aren't regular. I ordered 20 sticks for $17 from Sometimes addresses get screwed up when you push submit, so between the www. and the .com, are the words: at home pregnancy tests. And there ARE dashes between the words. Sometimes this site adds dashes when there aren't any, but in this case, there are dashes. Good luck!


kat - January 10

sorry to hear that kim :( was thinking about you this morning thinkin you'd find out today,still early days yet though. im going to see my doctor sometime this week,but until then im going to keep trying! lol!


Grandpa Viv - January 10

Kim, I'm sorry you didn't get off to a running start on this. I hope you don't mind, but could we use this as a maybe example of early pregnancy loss? The literature says it happens quite frequently. Some hpt web sites advise that you can get a positive before your period and a negative after for just this reason, though we haven't seen a post to that effect that I know of. This hypothesis would explain all the early signs, the lateness of the period, and the clots. If true, your next cycle might be unpredictable. You could give it a rest for a month, or you could watch cevical mucus and position and use that as a guide. Good luck!



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