It S A Baby Girl

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Albane 325 - November 13

Hello everybody who intends to get pregnant. I’ve heard that now it’s possible to predict your future baby gender even before conception. So I decided to try it. I’ve found one at a site And I really like it. It gives you dates when you can conceive a girl and the dates for a boy. My husband and I always wanted to have a girl, so we did everything according to this prediction. I became pregnant. And yesterday after my ultrasound it has been confirmed! I’m pregnant with a baby-girl! I’m so happy! I recommended it to all my friends who plan to get pregnant and want to know their future baby s_x.


icelandmommy - November 14

scam, it asks for a credit card, do not do this because you will be opening your account up to thieves, im not sure if this persons real


Naomi98 - November 15

If anyone wants predictions, just contact Cheri22 (google her name and you'll find her site)...she's free though it takes a while to get a response. She gave me a prediction of March for conception of deliver and a girl. I'm due in March and tomorrow I'll find out if the second part is true too!!


nino3 - November 16

Wow!!!! One thing i have to say.... Who cares what the gender of the baby will be. It took me 1 and a half years to get pregnant and beleive me, it was a blessing when i saw the 2 lines on that test after doctors had told me i would not be able to conceive by myself without medication. A baby is a gift from God and those of us who know how difficult its been, know that a girl or a boy is sooo not important. A healthy baby is!!!!!


Naomi98 - November 16

To the last poster, seriously, do you really think being curious about the gender of your unborn child is such a terrible, evil thing? Get over yourself and stop being so judgemental. And don't flaunt your infertility as if it gives you some kind of moral authority on this issue. It took me 2 and a half years and an ocean of heartache to conceive so spare me the plat_tudes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to know what s_x your baby will be, so stop trying to make people feel guilty for it.


Albane 325 - November 17

Hey, girls! Yes, I'm a human-being :) and I was glad to share my good news with you, that's it. Yes, the prediction's paid. But I really wanted a girl so it was not a big deal for me, besides it's not so expensive ;)



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