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Maggie - October 11

Hi everyone! I've been on the forum a long time so I have to share my good news with you all. Kathleen Mary should be making her grand entrance on 02/16/06, rather than 02/23/06. I feel so excited and incredibly blessed. Thanks to all for the love and support!


Ashley - October 11

Congrats!!!! Thats wonderful news!!!


? - October 12

yeah tanks for sharing that you have manaed to conceive carry the child full term and give birth thanks this is for all of us want to be parents who cant because of unexplained infertility. cheers thats made my day


To Maggie and ? - October 12

Congratulations Maggie!!!!!!!!!!! To ?, I thought this forum was to support women through the good and the bad times, this was posted on the Signs Of Pregnancy category not the Problems Getting Pregnant link. I can understand some of what you must be feeling because I have been ttc for over 2 years now and the doctors can't tell me what the problem is. Please, if you feel this strong stick to the Problems Getting Pregnant. Nobody should ever be made to feel quilty for falling pregnant, it should be the happiest time of their lives, you of all people should understand how much this time should be cherished. Take care, you are both in my thoughts.


? - October 12

why the hell did she post it on here eh she could have posted it on the already pregnant forum not ttc or signs yeah a huge congrats and thanks for rubbing our noses in it and making me less hopefull at 2 years ttc


To Maggie - October 12

That’s good news!!! Nevertheless, I agree with the “?”- We are looking for the signs of pregnancy, not if someone is having a boy or girl. A better place would have been the first, third or second trimester. I'm not hating it just seems like this board is getting farther away from its topic. Some of the topics r irrelevant, I wish u the best of luck with your pregnancy and I hope she's healthy.....


To Maggie - October 12

I am appalled that some people would bash you. It's great news and its too bad that some people can't just be happy for you...I am sure that you thought everyone you have shared your life with on this forum would want to know your good news. I hope everything goes well and btw, I love the name you picked out! God bless you both and don't listen to all the harsh words...


Emmy - October 12

Has it ever occured to you all that she may heve been ttc for awhile and shared her time ttc on this site eith so many others and that she wanted to share her news with poeple she has formed relationships with?!?!? Also, she is preg, so ask away about her systems, she could share symtoms.....


krish - October 12

heartly congratulations...gr8 news


krish - October 12

hi maggie... can u tell us if u remebered .....that whether u had Af symptoms when u conceived....


saddened - October 12

by the mean-spiritedness here! Maggie, congratulations! Very exciting. To those who have posted negative things here, obviously, Maggie feels that she is part of this "family:, went throught the frustrations, ups and downs of ttc and is now sharing her news with people who should be happy for her. I know it sucks ttc, the awful feeling of BFN, and for those who have gone through them, miscarriages. I KNOW. But the forum should embrace the happy moments, like why we are all here, to get pregnant and have a baby!! If you can't handle that, then you should skip a particular post.


Court - October 12

Yay Maggie...I am SO happy for you!!! You take care of that sweet little girl! As a side note...How dare anyone talk down to someone for accomplishing what we all dream about!! You can't be mad a people because they don't want to be involved in your "pity party." I for one plan on coming in here and announcing to the world, for that matter, when I am FINALLY pregnant and I dare anyone to rain on my parade! I have made some wonderful and I hope lasting friendships here with people who have supported me through thick-and-thin as I'm sure many women have, and what better than to share such a momentus moment with them? I pray that you find some peace, and that you can actually try to be happy for someone else.


Laura - October 12

Congratuations!!!!!!!!!!! That is great to hear. Ignore all of everyones negativeness!


Paula - October 12

Congrats Maggie, I am so happy for you!


mia - October 12

congratulations....good luck.


Steph - October 12

Congrats to you!!!!! Little girls are sooo precious!!! Good Luck, and lucky you for the earlier EDD!!!


me - October 12

Yeah for you!!!! Thanks for sharing on this message board it gives us all hope. Hurrah for Maggie!



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