It S In My Head Or Is It

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isitababy - February 25

Okay so weird belly feelings... has anyone had these weird belly feelings but found out no bfp... I wanna know how many people have discovered that it was in there head.. so to speak. Just curious cause you know those hypochondriac people who read about all the symptoms of a rare illness and then they feel like they have all those symptoms. I'm just so afraid of being disappointed.


Nikki - February 26

I am having the same feelings. I am 19 and my Fiance is in the Military. We recently saw eachother and had unprotected s_x, w/o birth control. I have been feeling tired, dizzy, nausous and my belly just feels different. It's too early for me to test, but reading about it makes me truely think i am. I know how you feel, Im with ya on this one. It could be in OUR heads...but hopefully not! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!


Caila - February 27

Hey yes i know what you mean i too am having that, it feels like something is just in there lol. But i am a hypochondriac and i hope this is for real, lets keep each other posted


Nikki - February 27

Yes, lets definately keep eachother posted! It sucks not knowing. I wish u didn't have to wait so long to tell. I have an appointment tomorrow..hopefully I will find out!


Caila - February 27

Really? I hope it goes good if your wonting to be that is. lol my af is soposse to come sometime in the next day or 2 lol hopefully it dosnt show. Havent felt like my period will be coming soon but sometimes they hit you like BAM and never new it was coming lol


Nikki - February 27

yeah, i want it to be this! My AF isn't due to come for a little while....ur right, she does visit unexpectedly...and i hope she doesn't visit at all!!!


Annie - February 27

I have had exactly the same thing for the last couple of months ttc. This month though I'm determined to not think about the 'signs' too much to avoid disappointment when AF arrives. Last month I convinced myself I was pregnant and AF was over a week late and I'm sure it's because I was thinking about things too much... The mind is a very powerful thing!... Try not to think about it too much and let nature take it's course.



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