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La Rae - March 7

I forgot to mention in an earlier post that for the last 7 days I have had a constant, thick white creamy (non-smelling) discharge. I've been checking my cervix everyday and it's (so far) not gone high, soft and open. It's been all over the place and I am still waiting for the egg-white O discharge. I should have ovulated last Wednesday - Friday at the latest. So far, nothing.... What the heck is going on? This is the longest I've had this thick, white discharge and also the most I've had (if memory serves me correctly). Hmmmmm? I can't help but wonder, can you? I'm waiting on the 15th - that's all I'm doing for now. If that doesn't come - then I'm testing again. Also, I counted the mts on my right br___t and I have two more little white pimpley-looking ones. Go figure....


Susan - March 7

Hi La Rae I've been reading your posts for some time now and what with everything going on at the moment I really do think that the stress is messing your cycles up. I was in exactly the same place a couple of months ago and had soooo many signs that I really thought there was no way I wasn't pregnant. Anyway after a few visits to the docotrs and numerous -ve pregnancy tests I had to concede that it was stress and thinking about being pregnancy symptons that was making them happen. My cycles have now been restored to something like normality... I know it's easier said than done but please try not to think about it too much x


La Rae - March 7

Susan, I know you are right. But it is SO hard! I do know that once I get af on the 15th - I will breathe a little bit easier about all of this. I just want to know for sure one way or the other, you know? I know I can go get a blood test - but I have so many doubts in my mind about me being pg - I honestly feel that it would be a waste of time. So anyways...I will just hang in there 'til the 15th and see what happens. Thanks for your advice. And I am really glad that other women can benefit/relate to all the wacky posts I have made as of late....(I think I might have even made a few of you laugh - and that is ALWAYS a good thing!). Baby Dust to all who want it....


to LArae - March 7

you are driving yourself already had AF..all your test are negative and you keep finding are not pregnant...just try again next month,,and if i had a boyfriend /husband like your i sure would want to wait to see if things will get better...i wouldnt want a baby with someone that i called no good ..sorry i had to say all that but you need to relax ..... you are driving yourself nuts....


joleen - March 7

i have wanted to say the same thing..i have been following her post..i feel so sorry for her and i also agree that her home life should be a little better because its probably the reason she isnt getting pregnant...stress....


to larae from maddy - March 7

have fun larae and try again hopefully it will work out for you next time.i also agree that you are not pregnant.


casie - March 7

your cervix would be closed if pregnant..


La Rae - March 7

Thanks guys....I am not giving up - just taking a break. I do believe that if and/or when God wants me to have another child He will 'let it happen'. There are so many other women on this board who do not have children at all and have been trying to conceive for years and my heart truly goes out to them. I am going to focus all my love and my attention on my son (whom I am VERY grateful to God for) and live my life to the fullest! I am still going to post here. And if my hub and I work things out and try again, I'll rejoin the 'waiting game'. OR if I get divorced and meet someone else - or even if I don't get divorced and meet someone else (just kidding - but then never know). Anyways....I think maybe he and I need counseling or something along those lines. A lot of couples have children even when they are not getting along and they make it alright. It's all a big gamble anyway, no matter how you choose to look at it. Well - later ladies. Good luck with those who are bd-ing in the near future. Baby Dust!


mulgajill - March 7

Well to the well meaning ladies who suggest that LaRae shouldn't be considering a child with her hubby because things are a bit rocky.... mmm... when you listen to REALLY old people who have been married a long time they always say the secret is sticking together during the good times and the BAD.... There are always rocky times.... I have bad times with my fella, but mainly i think because i actually care enough to argue with him.... if i didn't care, i would just say 'p__s off'.... it may be arguing to some, but i think of it as 'working things through'.... of course men hate it (my fella told me on Sunday that we would have a great relationship if i just kept my mouth shut!!!).... any way we choose to stick together for two reasons, A: we love each other, B: nobody else would put up with us... LOL!!! And LaRae... i think ALL men could do with counselling.... it should be mandatory once they reach marriagable age!!!! :-)


Lyla - March 7

I think that Mulgajill is so right! relationships are all about the good times and the BAD, especially when you're married. La Rae- I can actually say that I have been in your shoes. Last year around Aug., I missed my AF for 4 months. Every test that I took was a BFN. I even had blood tests done. I had all the signs, even leaking from the b___st. I have a 2yr old so I know what the signs are, and I thought that it would take a while to get a positive since it took 8 weeks to get one with my daughter. That whole time, I was becoming more distant from my hubby and my anger and frustration was making our relationship a bit rocky. I was so convinced that I was pregnant. Well after 4 months of agonizing stress, my AF finally started. It was dark like old blood with lots of clots(sorry TMI). later when I went for my Gyn check-up, I was told that I had an misscarriage. The embyal stopped growing after 6 weeks. Till this day, i believe that it was because of the tremendious amout of stress I was causing myself. Well I had put all of that behind me and resumed on making things the way they were, spending more time with hubby and daughter and being happy that I have such a beautiful child. Just a few weeks ago I found out that Im preggers. Im still sort of edggy since the misscarriege was only a few months ago, but Im happy so far. At first I thought to myself, Oh gosh here we go again, but this time I did not let it take over me. Relax girl, its not the end for you! I know when you so desparately want something it seems to never come, you will get your BFP. Maybe in a few weeks or maybe in a few months like me, just know that it will come. In the mean time, spend some time with those who mean the world to you........your family.


La Rae to Mulgajill & Lyla - March 7

Thanks so much you two! I have to admit, that I had to take a deep breath and THINK about what the other ladies were saying and where they are coming from. But I have already stated that I am 80% sure I am not pregnant - BUT there are still weird things going on with my body. If pregnancy isn't the reason, then I DO need to find out exactly what it is. I have been ttc since last October, and I am TELLING you that I was more stressed in Oct & Nov then I am now. I am at peace with whatever transpires. I do believe af will come on the 15th - but like you, Lyla, I still have that 'lingering doubt' in my mind because it took so long to show pos on a drs pg test. In the meantime, I am just going with flow and living my life the best possible way that I know how. Thanks again Mulgajill and Lyla - you gals know where it's at, that is for sure. Oh, and congrats Lyla! You must be so excited! And Mulgajill? When is your af due again? Isn't it soon? How are you doing? Any indication that af is coming or not? Keep me posted girl!


Lyla - March 7

Thanks for the congrats! I just wanted you to know that you are not alone, and that I know how it may feel to be in your shoes. Best of love to you and keep us updated.



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