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mrsherzog - March 24

I just tested, af is due tomorrow! I finally got the big one! I'm shaking so bad! I haven't told anyone but all my girls! Not even DH...holy c__p! A BIG BRIGHT BLUE POSITIVE AND ITS ALL MINE!


curiousme - March 24



lillybug - March 24



clindholm - March 24



kalokairi - March 24

get OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! OMG we have the LUCKIEST THREAD!!!!!!!!!! girl do you have af symptoms or no?? im LATE! but still bfn...omg rub up against me!!! come sit in my chair & give me pregnancy coodies!!!


mjvdec01 - March 24

Congratulations!!! Go tell your hubby!


MelissaP - March 24

Congratulations! Im so happy for you! That is so awesome =)


kalokairi - March 24

i was so excited i forgot to congradulate you lolll CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! i'm sooooo happy for you!!!! now, can i come drink your water? they say its in the water you know...or breathe your air perhaps lol now toni has a november mommy friend!!!


mrsherzog - March 24

kalo...Yes, i do have af symptoms, in fact last night on our drive home from the airport, I was very crampy...but a little different cramps than af. they were mostly on the sides and real sharp. on vacation, i was getting nauteous(sp?) everytime I ate which was strange. my bbs have been pretty tender, but not much more than they are normally before af. its mostly the nips! right now i feel tighness on my sides like a side ache after you run and a slight low back pain on one side. i will be happy to share any pre-symptoms, but to be completely honest, even though this goes against everything we believe in, I felt symptomatic since about 4dpo. of course cause I've been feeling af, i pa__sed off the symptoms. i am still shaking bad!


kalokairi - March 24

yesssss my cramps are boss, who knows me very well just said this is very different and very good lolll...omgosh i hope im one of those odd ones who gets the bfp after a week or 2...i hope i hope & my back hurts on my right side OMG im catching the symptom fever LOL how are you gonna tell dh....i dont even think id be able to wait, id be on the phone like honey...GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!


mrsherzog - March 24

i feel so good about our thread...Jez...please please please join us! we would all have Nov babies!


kalokairi - March 24

AW that is so cute...i wouldnt have been able to wait either...& im workin on it, im WORKIN on it!!


billsgirl - March 24

congrats!! happy and healthy 9 months to ya!


sqv3 - March 24

Oh wow, congrats! That is a cute way you told DH. Have fun with your new little one!!!


Naomi98 - March 24

Hey Mrs H, congratulations to you!!! Happy and healthy 9 months - I'm laughing at your early symptoms. We're always poopooing the "I ovulated 0.75 days ago and now I've got sore b___bs, gas, smell aversions, aching back, zits and I've gone up a cup size" lol! But it CAN happen!


mrsherzog - March 24

Your right we do POOPOO those early symptoms, especially if we feel them month after month. Although I can say I still had the same symptoms this month, they were all just a bit different. The bbs for sure. They hurt in a different spot this month...more in the armpit area and the nips kept pinging. Is that a word...anyway most of you know what I mean. I'm excited and trying not to get nervous. I've been taking prenatals, so I don't think I'm going to even call my DR until eight weeks. At least by that point I likely will see or hear something and not be all freaked out when I go in for a 6 week ultrasound and they don't see anything. Pretty standard to do a 6wk U/S when you miscarry at least once. Being pg will be ou "secret" for a while...well and all of yours too!


brads wifey - March 25

Congratulations!!! Have a happy and healthy 9 months!!!



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