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CC25 - April 8

my bbs itch something crazy, ive put lotion thinking maybe they are just extra dry but nope nothing has helped it has been about 3 days and now there are more little white bumps too , now i am not trying to conceive but I thought I was pregnant until 4/1/05 i had brown spotting which 2 days later turned into my period for 2 days and now i have this bbs situation i have heard these are symptoms of pregnancy but I am wondering if it MIGHT be just hormones leftover from me having my period or a change in weather???all opinions welcome!!!!!PLEASE


jackie - April 8

that is a very good question. ask grandpa viv he knows everything!!


CC25 - April 8



BECK :) - April 8



Alexis - April 8

Did you take a test? Just to be on the safe side.I am pregnant and I have more white bumps on and around my nipples so I would do a test If I were you.


Linda - April 8

I am in the same boat CC25! My b___bs are so itchy! I tried wearing my silk bra (which I have worn plenty times before with no itching problems) but they are still itchy. Lotion doesn't work so today I am wearing my sports bra with lotion to see if that helps any. I thought at first it was another bra I was wearing (it's a lace one) thinking the lace was the problem but even silk doesn't seem to help so maybe cotton will. I have a huge huntch that I might be pregnant so that could be why they itch so much too lol!


CC25 - April 8

I can completly relate because I have switched bras over and over and like you nothing helps and I have a sneeky feeling i am too. but i just had a short period I wonder what thats about?


betsy - April 8

try vasoline!


nancy y. - April 8

i scratch til i bleed too , i wonder if it means pregnant?


~~ - April 8

any bumps??


Hanna - April 9

When I had itchy b___bs (and they were sore too) I also had that weird feeling in my back and I turned out to be pregnant. So it could be a sign of pregnancy! Unfortunately it all ended in m/c for me. Heartbreaking, really. Since I am having all of these symptons again this month, I am starting to believe I may be pregnant again.. Babydust to you !(and b__w some of your babydust this way please!)


Grandpa Viv - April 9

Google Montgomery tubercles for the little white bumps. CC25, your bleeding and spotting does not remove the possibility of pregnancy. Do you not have other signs like fatigue, gas and peeing more?



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