Its Been A Long Time

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billsgirl - November 12

well i used to come here all the time but i stopped poppin on as much because i was getting obsessed! anyways.... i am still obsessing and i want to talk to some of my old friends about it and maybe find some new girls to obsess with. i am 6 dpo give or take a few days. i am not feeling any real symtoms except i had cramps today and yesterday... implantation?! maybe we shall see. i hope that i see from wannalil1plz, jennifer, krissy i miss you too, and of course missy. anyone else on my same cycle?


Missy - November 12

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Jess!!!! We've been playing IM tag - how have you been? Implantation huh? Do share the symtoms!! Talk to you soon!


trying4number1 - November 12

Hi billsgirl....I too took a break from the was due today for me, no sign of her. I just have a runny/stuffy nose, had some slight cramping today, & a lil tired....Hopefully it's a good thing! I'll be testing in a week if af still hasn't arrived. Good luck to you this time around!


mjvdec01 - November 12

Hi, I will be 10dpo tomorrow. I am 31, I have a daughter who is 21 months and this is our 3rd month ttc. With my first pregnancy I didn't really have any symptoms until I tested positive. This month i can only hope. The last two months I could have sworn something was up, but then AF came. Just today I started to think that maybe I am pregnant, I just don't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed again. My head is really stuffy, especially in the morning, I have a ton of visible veins on my lower abdomen and at times on my bb's. I am also very tired, but I have a toddler and don't get as much sleep as I'm sure I should. How are you feeling now? How long have you been ttc?


wannalil1plz - November 12

Hey jess, I wish you all the will power not to get caught up like last time LOL, you can do it, be strong hold tight!! haha, I don't come on here ever, I did have a question about the possible bfp and then all the bfns, well it was either a indent line or a chem pg, cause my period came about 1am yesterday funfun huh!! anyhow, I miss you and I have been playing IM tag with you too!! you are always on when I am not...gosh!! anyhow love ya!! talk to you soon!


trdnnclk - November 13

Hi jess long time no see. How have you been? Im 3dpo today, weired temps this month, been feeling sick for the last few days, slight cramps.


Kobysmom - November 13

Hey Jess, how's it going? I was just thinking about you. We are still at it, but now with a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and on Metformin. We'll see. This is our 6th month. Glad to see you back. - Brandy


jennifer_33106 - November 13

Hey Jess!!! WOW!!! Havent talked to you in a minute!! Seems like everytime you are on I am off and when we are on together you have to leave. haha So how are you!? How is the job coming! haha Vanessa. haha sorry that is still funny to me. Cant wait to talk to you!!


#1TINK - November 13

Hi everyone! new to this! I was wondering about implation? Im 11 DPO and I had cramping yesterday and today,and my temp dropped! What do you all think? TTC/TINK


Tarianna - November 13

Hello, I am now 3 dpo...a tad behind you all. But I just thought I would join in the fun. I have so much going on this week and next that I know for sure that I will pa__s the time quickly. This is the second month ttc..... and I have 3 other children so I know that the tww can be long.


billsgirl - November 13

yaaaaaay!!! im glad you still all remember me! Brandy, im sorry to hear about the POCS ( ia that what it is?) but at least now you can be proactive about it and we will definately see that bfp soon! hey trudy!!! we are basically feeling the same thing.... cramps at 3-5dpo... i guess its probably post-o cramps. im glad to see your still here....tink, tarianna mjv... nice to meet you.....trying... ive been having a weird stuffy nose too, but i think its probably cause the weather and cause its so dry in my house, i hope those are good signs tho.... missy, jenn and nichole.. i miss you guys so d__ned much. we always miss eachother, but thanks to good'ol preg-info we can always find a place to re-connect. wow, i feel like a dork! hahahaha anyways..... i gotta find a place to get my pup fixed, he is going crazy trying to hump my girl biskit.... my vet wants to charge 200 so im gonna call teh apl. ill be back in a bit to list all my new symtoms!!


mjvdec01 - November 13

Billsgirl- so are you 12dpo today? I am 10dpo, I have been having some very mild cramping today and last night. What is going on with you today?


billsgirl - November 13

hey mjv.... i am at the most 9 dop...... but i am thinking i am only like 5 or 6. i dont temp or do anything, like use opks so i basically estimate whne i o. i know i o'd sometime between the 6 and the 9th. but yeah me too with the cramping and bloating. its so weird , i feel like af is comming any minute and its not due til at the earliest the 23rd. when are you planning on testing?


mjvdec01 - November 13

Af is due anywhere from the 15th to the 18th. my cycles are 26-28 days and pretty regular, so I guess I'll know with in the next few days. If I'm not it is going to suck, my dh will be out of town and I will be home alone. I really hope that doesn't happen. I am going to try and wait until the 18th to test, we will see if I make it that far.


babynewbie - November 13

hey jess! i'm regan...come join the "hey girls" thread...we would love to have you there!!!! ;)


jennifer_33106 - November 14

Hey Jessica! Yeah it would be easier to keep track of you here. haha you are always on the go, being a working girl and all. haha Brandy!? I didnt know you had PCOS! Are they going to be starting you on Metformin and Clomid or are they taking a different route? GL to all the TTCers!!!


Eljay - November 15

Hey there billsgirl and all other ladies - I recognise alot of u guys, I too was on here quite a bit around th same tym although took break as got disheartned wi bfn! Anyway am cd1 and feeling positive come on lets get some bfp here!! x



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