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nino3 - March 5

WEll its been a long day. I got a clear BFP at 12 dpo today. Went to work and at lunch went to a free preg. clinic. They said test was negative even though i did see another line on the test. They said that there was a line but that it cme up after the 3 minute wait. I immediately went to the Pathology lab and had blood drawn. After work i came homw with 2 other test and they were both positive. The Frer test came positive in seconds.At 4:00pm it was confirmed. The blood test came positive Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!! Aftr a year and a half its finally here. No symptoms except a massive headache. Have af cramps and have a nerve thing going on on my right nipple. Thats about it though. Man, havnt drank caffeine all day and i dfinaely think this is the reason for the headache. This whole month we only bd 2 times though. Only different thing i did was that when i finally got a + OPK i bd that night and put a pillow nderneath my hip and lifted my legs for like 8 minutes. Tahts was about it, Good luck to all. I never thoguht that it was going to happen this month fro we only bd 2 times but we hit the jackpot. Good luck to all and wish me lots of sticky baby dust please. Thanks foe being so supportive. I would have never made it without everyone here. Thank you


ZenGirl - March 5

It is always inspiring to hear about a BFP after so many months of trying. My dh and I have been trying for a second baby for a little over a year with no luck.....CONGRATS to you!!! Best Wishes!! :))


VenusdiMilo - March 5

Congrats again!! Sticky Baby Dust!!


danimarie - March 5

Yay Nino! I knew it! Congrats : )


stefkay - March 5

YAY Nino! Congratulations! I'm so happy this has finally happened for you! have a happy and very healthy 9 months!!!


Harriet - March 6

Awesome! I'm so happy for you. Congrats to you and Dh, and here's wishing you heaps of sticky babydust!!! H


nino3 - March 6

Thank you sooo much guys. I feel af coming though. Last night i woke up to pee, of course, and felt af cramps and wet down there. Went to check but there was nothing there but what seemed to be EWCM. Just that not as clear. My temp went up this morning so that made me feel better. Thanks ladies and ill keep everyone posted. Good luck to all and wish lots of sticky dust to me. Thanks again. Dont know what i would have done without this site.


Megs - March 6

CONGRATS nino!!!!!!!! :-) I wish you a happy and healthy nine months! When do you go back for a second beta test?


jenn_ns - March 6

Congratulations nino!!! Hope you have a wonderful nine months! xx Thanks for adding your name to the the BFP list, too!!


nino3 - March 6

Hey Megs, i didnt get a Beta test. I just went to the lab and asked for a blood pregnancy test. The result was just positive. I asked about the numbers and they told me that my doctor needed to ask for those so oh well. I think i might be 13 dpo today. I didnt test again this morning but i did put all the positive tests in the counter near my toilet to remind me that it is true. I might go and test next week. I have an appt. on the 26 of March. Wish me luck guys.


tonia - March 6

Congrats Nino! I knew you would et a positive on a FRER! That is so awesome! Good luck to you and a happy healthy 9 months!


lissica - March 6



DaBonkElsMe - March 6

YAY! Congrats nino!!


makattak - March 6

what is a frer ?


HeavenisMine - March 6

Oh yay! That is always great news, you have a wonderful healthy nine months!


nino3 - March 6

A frer is a First response early response pregnancy test. I have af cramps like im about to get it. Ive heard its normal but am a little concerned about that. How do you know what type of cramps are normal? Im scared guys. IS this normal or just my hormones...


tonia - March 6

Nino, the cramps are normal! Don't worry, everything is fine! : ) The only time they should be considered serious is if accompanied by bleeding and/or they are really painful! Most women get af like cramping in early pregnancy. Totally normal.



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