Its Kim 2 Days Past Af But 2 Neg Test Whats Up

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kim - January 5

Hey Ladies Af was due yesterday but she has not showed up yet..I tested 5 days ago and again yesterday and both were neg. :o( I had such bad cramps last night that I couldnt sleep. Thought for sure af was coming but nothing yet... The last 2 days I have been so gassy im starting to wonder if that is why my tummy hursts... I dont know what to think?? Anyone due for af on the 4th and it didnt come yet? Who has had a positive test??


Sarah - January 5

I was Due Dec 27-29 and I am late. I have had no symptoms, until I read this post and realized that yes I am ga__sy, and I am a__suming that can be a sign :0). Also last night I cramped so bad I was sure I would start sometime in the night, but nope, nothing. . .


Lucky1 - January 5

Kim, How many days are in your cycle? When was your last period?


kim - January 5

I am still confused about this cycle I started my peroid dec 4 and I had it for abot 5 to 6 days.. Hope that helps. It is wednesday afternoon and still no af.. My husband said I was moaning in my sleep so I definatley thought af was coming due to cramps but Im thinking it may have been from gas which I still have.. And bad heart burn this morning. Lucky1 Your due date is the same as mine if I am pregnant, from what this site told me last month if I was to conceive on my most fertle days I would be due about the 12th.. That would be soooo cool. Im all excited for you and dont even know ya!!! So you get to see the baby all ready? That is so neat. With my first son we didnt see him till I was 4 months. The pictures were so good we could see him sucking his thumb and we knew he had Daddys big So when should I test again?


Lucky1 - January 5

Maybe you should test again on Saturday, if no AF by then. I'm rootin for ya Kimee...... How many days are in your cycle, is it pretty reguar, like every 28 days? Like I usually get AF every 30-35 days. That would give you an estimate of when you should test. Also, I found out that if AF is late, it means that you ovulated late. So, if you ovulated later than you were expecting to, then you shouldn't test until you are more than a week late.


m - January 5

If it makes you feel better, with my youngest son, it was almost 2 weeks PAST aunt flow before I got a positive. And with a recent pregnancy (mc), I didn't test positive until over a week after aunt flow. Keep your chin up. Your hcg levels are probably just rising slow! Good luck!


kat - January 5

hey kim,good sign you didnt get af,you said you didnt test pos til over 3 months with your first so its prob jus to early,good luck,chat some more soon.


fi - January 5

kim don't panic, wait a few days. What about seeing ur doctor???


kim - January 5

Het Girls thanks for your response.. I will test again Sat morning if no af. If I get another neg then I will call my midwife. She is wonderful person so Im sure she will get me in for a blood test asap. I just had my iud removed in Nov so maybe that is the problem.I only had it for 6 months and then we decided to have a baby after all. The iud was good for 5 years. It was a waste of money but oh Well.. Anyways the doc said that if I return to my normal cycle after having my iud removed then I should be able to get preggo pretty quick. I sarted my period like 5 days after my iud was removed so that was good but now im wondering??? I will keep you all posted on af... If she comes Im kicking her



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