Its KIM Went To Docs Today

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kim - January 7

Well for the ladies who I have been chating with and for those who care to know I went to the doc today and tested neg there too. So that makes 4 neg test.. She did have me do a blood test so I will get those results Mon.. She said it was not the normal blood test they would do but one that can actually detect the pregnancy hormone after as little as 2 houres of conception... So I should no what going on Monday Morning and I will let ya all know. Keep you fingers crossed fo me. I will be 5 days late tomorrow and so many symptoms. Anyone else test yet?


Zoie - January 7

kim, i wish you the best of luck. i will be praying for you


Syd - January 7

I have all the symptoms too, and only have 1 neg test. I will test in a few days. Good luck.


fi - January 8

i have been wondering how you got on!!!! don't worry, c how blood goes! I'M 3 days late and still neg result. best of luck


sharon - January 8

good luck!


kat - January 8

good luck kim! :)


kati - January 8

you don't know me but i wish you luck, i am going through the same thing...............


Kym - January 8

I have been reading all your post best of luck to you - I just went through something similar - af was 8 days late and test all negative than she showed up i have never been late before - I had all the symptoms I read that with your first pregnancy you had a period and a negative for the first three months was your period normal- did it cause any complication its weird i still feel pregnant even though i have af - probably in my head but any help would be nice thank you and best of luck you will be in my prayers


kat - January 9

kym is your af normal? dont give up hope yet,my last 2 af's have been lighter and shorter than usual and its been since then that ive been ttc,im waiting to see what happens next month then going to see the doctor as hpt shows neg,like kim said she had af for 3 months in her first pregnancy.goodluck.


Leigh - January 9

I wish you luck Kim, I am now 2 days late and done a test yesterday was was neg, goin to docs on monday, but i have all the symtoms, fingers crossed.


Niki - January 9

What was the result of your blood test Kim?


Lucky1 - January 10

Good luck with the blood test kim!!



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