Its Maddie Still Posting From Palm

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Maddie - June 10

Good morning....geez it feels like I've been up for hours. Have not been able to sleep all week cause its soooo hot here. Well hopefully today I will be able to post since the nice editors are working on it :)))) Anyway I'm past O and hopefully this is it!!! Temps are still at 98.2...third day in row.... bbs SORE, especially nipples and the gas (sorry if tmi) so bad. Hope everyone else is doing well and I can't wait till I'm able to post with everyone again. I miss my support group :(((


Camilla - June 10

Hey Maddie. Good to hear from you. Did you comment on one of the 'Joy' posts? From what I read several people got temp. banned, including Keekee. Though she is back on. It's hot here too but that's good.. That way nobody can even think of sleep at night, ha ha so we simply have to get on with the serious business of 'you know what..' Anyway, I believe I'm past O now good luck to all of us..Let us know when you're back to normal with posting..!!


Paula - June 10

Hello Maddie, miss you a lot on the post. Hope you will be back soon. As for my symptoms, my temps are still at 98.0, with sl. cramping, stretching feeling in my lower abd since yesterday, b___st still feel heavy. I am still trying to figure out how many dpo I am. I know that my temps went to 98.2 on 6/1 and then 98.4 on 6/3 and since then it has been 98.0-98.1 so do I count fron 6/1 or 6/3. Both days I had ewcm and OPK+. So any suggestions. I want to say I am 9dpo if I use 6/1 or 7dpo is I used 6/3. Help me. I want to test on 10 dpo, so do I test tomorrow or do I test on Monday. Let me know. Baby Dust to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


KEEKEE - June 10

You are still on the Banned list??...Geee....Just because you told a little boy off. Well, thats life at the pregnancy forum...heheee.....I hope you can get back to posting soon with your computer. I know that palm have to be annoying!!!...........Camilla, Yup , I'm back!! Stronger than ever!!! I will never say the word ugly again...Man, I said it again...heehee....Well, I am sending you ladies baby dust!! I hope you get BFP this month........I will leave y'all alone now. Hey, I just b___t into y'all post...heehee.......Smooches!!!!!


Steph - June 10

I am on the banned list from my house but not from my work. I have emailed the editor twice with no response......I don't think I have ever been rude?????


Camilla - June 10

Wow, I'm amazed how many got banned. Did you also reply to Joy's post? How weird!! Hope you get back to us soon!! Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? Oh well, look at Keekee, 'stronger than ever' , he he. Baby dust, ban or no ban...


KEEKEE - June 10

Girls!!!! Can you believe this!!! Someone is kicking up some stuff now.....I trying not to snap...It is sooooooooooo hard......I'm out!!!! Maddie and Steph!!!! I hope you get back on here soon. You know what, I felt like I wasn't rude either with that Joy post. I think it had something to do with the "Look at Joy's modeling site" Good Luck!!!!



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