ITS O TIME Are We Ready For This Da Da Da Da

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izechsmama - February 22

Haha, okay gals... join me over here... its getting about that time for some of us to start Oing.. I can't believe it.. its coming up really fast... i'm due on next Wednesday or Thursday.. and we'll see if my chart works with that... haha... lets get some bfps this month... come on O!!!


whatisgoingon - February 23

Hey Izechs, Im stalking ur chart & keeping an eye on your progress! I am cd5 in the morning..not long he he. See what happens, I am going to start bedding from cd8-20, every 2nd night probably. I have a few OPK's here, so will take them around the time of month I usually feel odd crampy/odd sensations...which is usually like cd11. See if it shows up + for "O".. Was thinking 2 myself today..well seems like I now am actually TTC as such, temping & all isnt really letting whateva happens happens is it? I guess I just really want 2 know whats going on & sick of being a little bit let down every af... Id rather try for a few months, atleast then I wil have a better idea on my body temp wise etc, and be able to tell if there is a problem fertility wise.. :) Good luck with your "O", Im with ya all the way, cant wait for you BFP news!


SkyKennels - February 23

Hey, Izechs, here I am! Last day of clomid today, so VERY ready and VERY willing. :-) How is everything going, girl?


izechsmama - February 23

hey gals! things are good with me.. we're celebrating my bday today... gonna have cake and pizza! haha... my mom and SD are coming over and it will be nice... i'm just hanging out.. gettin ready to hit off the bedding process tonight... do what we can.. haha... i really hope this is the month.... but if not.. i have a really cute chart that i like.. so ya know.. at least i can look at it... haha... how are the both of you doing? HOLLY sometimes letting things happen, doesnt work.. sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.. i've seen women on here who are letting it happen for a couple months and nothing happens and then the first month they temp they realize they were off on O for a day or two and end up getting their bfp that month... so we'll see.... its not gonna hurt at this point.. plus you can wait for implant dips and all that good stuff... :) i'm excited for us all!


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 23

ok izech I am with you i think I o'd yesterday all the signs are there I am just waiting till FF puts it in. my chart the same as my name. now you need to hurry up and o and then we can test together this month lol


Daynae79 - February 23

hey Laceyandsamsmama......i think we are on the same cycle...I O'd yesterday as well. Good Luck!!!


izechsmama - February 23

yay.. lets keep the o's going.. i'm due to ovulate in about 5 days.. haha.. so i'm coming, believe me.. i'm on my way..


izechsmama - February 24

wow gals.. i was looking at my chart.. and i noticed how close today is from my predicted ovulation date.. its only 3-4 away... thats so crazy.. then i'll be in the tww... i cant believe it... time is flying! DH and i are going to go see the new hospital they just put in... its finally open house and they have a whole new maternity section... they have huge rooms and a tub in each room.. as well as you can give birth in a water tub.. which is soooooooo the route I am going next time... i made alot of progress in the water... i went from 4cm-8cm in 45 minutes... it was great.. haha.. painful.. but great... oddly enough, i cant wait to do it again... :) where o where are all my peeps at?


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 24

I am doing the epidural with mine as soon as I got it and relaxed I went from 2 to fully dialated in 45 mins.


jazminesmom - February 24

well good luck to all of you. i am do to o friday or saturday, or anytime after that i think last month i Oed a week or two late. well hope things are going well for everyone


whatisgoingon - February 24

Hey all! Izechs, OMG!! Cant believe the o date is so close 4 u! Time has flown hasnt it? I am cd6 today! Iv always thought my O date every month was cd11, but quite possibly I am waaay off, bcos this is cycle #5 & na da! I have a 29 day cycle...kept thinking it was 30day cycle, but cd 1 is on day 30..which means it starts again the new cycle LOL - I had myself all confused until I stopped & realised u dont count that day! So 29 is the magical number! Hopefully will "O" this month, got to be between cd11-18 I reckon, no later than that! :) Will bed from cd8-20 just to be sure, help to cover all bases that way! .. I have also been doing research on the hospitals around the area. We are in Northern QLD, Australia..on the Whitsunday Coast line, so there arent all that many hospitals, and I am not keen at all to go to a public hospital to give birth for the first time, really want a private hospital if possible. So will do my research on what is around on offer..worse comes to worse I would just have to go back to my parents in the big smoke to give birth down there, so many hospitals around big citys to choose from! he he. I really want a nice "room", not just a hospital ward or curtained off area.. needs to feel cosy and comfortable. I hear some places it is like your own hotel room, very private! Thats what I would like! Id give the water a shot too I reckon..I have only heard good things about it! I would never go an EPI either! Nope! I want to be able to 'feel' my contractions and bub coming, I couldnt think of anything worse then being completely numb to the experience. If anything just the gas will do me fine! If it goes to plan he he! I cant wait to conceive and be able to start planning!! :) So exciting!!


izechsmama - February 24

hey gals.. i never had the epidural.. i want to expierence it eventually.. the whole O i'm supposed to push now.. okay hehe... haha.. instead of feeling it all.. but i was like you Holly... i wanted to feel my baby coming and feel the whole thing... and it was a great expierence.. other than being induced.. i will never do that again... but it was great... our hospital is very nice.. it does look like a hotel... warm colors and huge rooms to give birth in and recooperate after wards.. its a great hospital.. but anyways.. i cant believe o is so close.. it does feel like yesterday that i got AF... and got neg tests... but time is flying.. i really hope this is it.. but if not.. theres always next month... :) how are we all doing today?


SkyKennels - February 25

Hey, girls! Nice to see all of you again! And talking about epi. I guess it just feels nice, you know, knowing I too will get a chance to make that choice, which for the longest time I doubted... Anyway, I am kinda afraid of the pain, but at the same time, epi bugs me, too. What is it about the gas? And I would definitely try water. I wonder which of the Louisville, KY hosp has that? As to me, headache's gone. So, I am left wondering if clomid's even working :-) Other than the occasional twinge in my left ovary area, which is what I felt last month when I managed to ovulate by myself. I wonder if it means my right doesn't work at all? Because shouldn't clomid stimulate both of them? BTW, if anyone of you has take clomid before, my temp dipped a bit today, but was this maybe because I took it too early as compared to when I usually take it? Because it mostly came back to where it usually is by the time I rechecked it at my regular time. Because just 2nd day since no clomid (and the last dose in the evening of the day before yesterday even, so, practically, a day and a half ago) couldn't POSSIBLY be an ovulation dip, right? Clomid should lengthen it even, shouldn't it? OK, guess I am just being a chicken. Right? Hugs, girls and tons of babydust....Can't wait for our March BFP thread. :-) Lisa.


izechsmama - February 25

hey ladies.. just thought I would check in... I'm getting ready for the big O.. i'm actually considered fertile at this point.. i have stretchy cm... not yet eggwhite.. but its very stretchy and I always have a tinge of blood in it a few days before O... so i know shes coming.. yay! i cant believe it... PLUS! I couldnt be more excited.. i got an email from my Dad and hes coming to visit us on the 18th.. which is so awesome.. because I havent seen him in over two years and he hasnt seen his grandson yet... and if we end up pregnant.. i will get to tell him in person which would be sooo great! i'm really really hoping for that bfp.. but if not.. at least my dad will be here a few days after that neg test and really make things better for me.. i miss him so much.. and i hate to see him go when he does.. but man i'm so thrilled!!!!!!! so how are we all doing? holly i'm stalking your chart girl! sky, how you doing girlie?


izechsmama - February 25

sky, i have no clue about the clomid questions.. i'm lost when it comes to that stuff!! hope it works for you.. i soooooooo want this for you!


whatisgoingon - February 26

Izechs, I am stalking your chart daily! he he. Can u tell me wat the go is with the circle on my temp today that FF has drawn in? Oooh stretchy egg cm for ya! How exciting, wishing you lots & lots of luck! Bed Bed Bed he he! Oh & funniest thing happened 2day, lady I work with and friend she is 25, has a 6yr old daughter, and she told me today that she is 10days late for her af! She is always regular! Her partner has been telling her for a couple of weeks she is getting a bigger stomach (bloated perhaps?) and she has noticed also.. and well add it all up and you can guess what might be going on! So exciting! She hasnt tested it, I a pushing her to though..I think she is stunned & is waiting for af to show up.. She says "oh she is coming, another day, if not Il test" lol. They really want a boy though if they are pregnant. Ill keep ya posted on it, but I would love to fall pregnant this cycle or next, cos then both her and I would be pregnant around same time as eachother in the same office working together.. wat a great support! :)


izechsmama - February 26

Holly... yeah.. the stretchy cm finally turned white.. i'm due to ovulate tomorrow or wednesday... The open circles on your chart mean that you have entered something in your data that may make those temperature points unreliable. In most cases it is the time the temperature was taken or that you entered that you were sleep deprived. hope that helps!! :) yeah we are definately gonna get to bedding.. its gonna happen today cause its my birthday! then tomorrow and wednesday to be safe... then i'll officially be in my TWW.. cant wait for that! how are we all doing? SKY how are you girl?



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