IUI Intra Uterine Insemination

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Darla - May 19

Hi, I've seen several posts where people weren't sure what the IUI stood for so I thought maybe this might help.~~IUI - Intra-Uterine Insemination. I've had 2 of them. They usually do them when there doesn't seem to be any problems with you or your DH but you've been ttc for a good while with no luck. It's where they take your DH's (or whomever you wish) sperm, wash it and put it in a syringe. They then run a tiny tube just inside the opening of the uterus and inject the sperm into the other end. The sperm is then released into the uterus and you lay on your back with your behind elevated for about 15 min. This is done to make SURE the sperm is getting where it needs to be. This is usually done, well in my case anyway, in correlation with fertility meds., ultrasounds to monitor the size of eggs, and the HCG shot - which insures the eggs release. I had all this done at the Fertility Inst_tute in New Orleans, La. by Dr. Sissy Sartor which I would recommend to anyone in or around the area.(I live 4hrs away) They are wonderful there!! After ttc for 4 1/2 yrs we got pg the first IUI with our son in 2000. We have now been ttc #2 for 2yrs now, had another IUI Feb. 04, but no luck. Had laporoscopy in Jan 05 and have just been hoping and praying we can do it on our own this time and this month seem to have lots of symptoms!! Wish us luck and Baby Dust! Here's to all of you and hope this helps a little!!!!!!


Estee P - May 20

Darla, thank you for your post. I am in the same boat as you. Also been ttc for 2.5 years, nothing happening. Neither myself or dh have been found to have serious problems that would prevent pregnancy. Also had a laparoscopy just 2 months before you. Just had our first IUI last month. It didn't work. This month we'll go for try #2. I am putting all my hope on the IUI's because it seems to me we won't be able to conceive naturally. May I ask how old you are? I am 32 in a month. I must admit I am impatient, because I would have liked to try for 3 children. Now I'm already likely to only have 2 should I be very lucky. (I don't want to keep trying for babies when I'm over 36.) Loads of luck and baby dust to you! Do let me know if it worked!


Darla - May 20

Hi Estee, I just turned 34 in April so we are pretty much alike. I know exactly what you mean about wanting our babies before we feel like we are too old. My husband is 40- ooh that don't seem real. We haven't been using any protection for #2 since our son was 4 1/2 months old. I wanted 3 children too but now I will just be happy with 2. Maybe I'll get lucky and have twins. HA! I don't know if that would really be lucky though - I'd probably be run crazy! I know the feeling of being so desperate. For me, it's better this time around because we already have one, but I still really hope I am this month!! If not, we are going to keep trying on our own and go for another IUI in August. They are so expensive and ins. won't touch them. Crazy! AF is due 5/22-24 so hopefully I'll know something soon. When are you having your IUI done this month? Have you had the post coital test and all that done? God, it seems like they did all kinds of tests on me and my DH, I was praying they would find something wrong so they could fix it, but never anything wrong. When I got pg though, I had a great pregnancy - No problems, so keep your head up! I sure hope it works for you, I'll say a prayer that it will!! Bunches of Baby Dust to you too!!


Estee P - May 20

Thank you Darla! It's great to find someone in the same boat as me, although I wish you were spared on your second time around! Haven't you suffered enough with the first one! There are so many women on here, but everyone have different problems, and it's hard to identify with most women because they are only stressing about ttc'ing, but actually they don't have physical problems, they are just impatient after a few months of trying. I do hope that IUI will solve my problems, whatever they may be! It has worked for you once before, and I'm sure it will work again! I haven't had the post coital test? What is that? I'll have my second IUI probably around 10 days from today. That's when I'm due to ovulate. I am also very grateful that we can afford to have the IUI's done. My medical aid also doesn't want to pay, but fortunately we have enough money to keep trying a few times. I'm also hoping something goes right and I end up with twins, but the chances are so small, I'm not really too optimistic. But I do know that the work is twice as much then, and it's going to be very tough! Have you any idea what could possible be wrong with you that you can't conceive like other women? I have almost driven myself insane with trying to figure out what I could possibly be doing wrong but I am just a normal, average woman. Nothing I do is out of the ordinary. I am finding this the hardest of all. Not knowing why I'm different in this respect. But I guess no amount of pondering is going to fix me, I just have to accept the fact. Good luck to you! PS: Why don't you join my group of friends on the following post: HOLLA!! NEW THREAD! Jules,Chriss,Miss,and Estee P.,Shorty I've been chatting to these ladies for a few months now, and they are fabulous. We talk almost daily, and they are very supportive! You will be most welcome to join there and keep us updated with your progress. Loads of luck to you Darla! I do hope your turn comes soon!


Molly - May 20

Darla, thanks for your post of info. i just started progesterone to start my af and will be doing the 100mg of clomid then u/s and hcg shot and an iui. I'm glad i found your post since i am nervous as to the whole procedure now i know what to expect! also can you work and drive after an iui or do you have to take it easy? also how soon did you know if you were preg?


Darla - May 21

WARNING - LONG POST - SORRY!!Hi Estee and Molly! First let me say I've had a not so good day. As I was coming out of Wal-Mart picking up pics this afternoon I got rear-ended hard. I was sitting dead still at a red light and guy came flying up behind me and.....didn't stop. Luckily I was by myself. My DH had our 4yr old son with him. The ambulance came (my neck and back was really hurting) and of course they asked if I could be pg. I told them yes possibly. My DH came and when got to the hospital they did a urine EPT test. It was a BFN. I asked if maybe they would do a blood test since my cycle varies between 29 and 32 days so it could still be 5 days before my AF but they just put the lead shield on my tummy before x-rays. Now I have whiplash on top of being disappointed. I could swear I was pg and still tell myself being it's so early I still could be. Oh well, I guess we'll see. I'm just soooo worried that if I am pg the pain meds will put it in danger. Say a prayer for me please! --Estee, a post coital is where they test your cm. I believe it's the same test where they make sure it's compatible with your DH's sperm (I've had that one too if it's not the same)Sometimes your cm can be "unfriendly"(can't remember actual name) and will kill the sperm. Crazy hunh?! I have no idea why we haven't been able to concieve naturally. I ovulate reg. and have always had normal cycles. DH's sperm count is fine. The ONLY thing anyone has ever said to me is that my cervix is tilted and that could make it a little harder but not really a reason and that my uterine opening is miniscule (they told me that when having my first IUI) but said it was not a reason. I guess it's the reason though that I only dialated 1/2 cen and had to have a c-section. So I don't know, it is sooo frustrating. I'll have to look up your group, I would enjoy not only the support but the contact as well with other ttc. Molly, I know this is redundant, but don't be nervous. An IUI isn't anything bad at all. The worst thing for me out of it all was the HCG shot. Probably just because I'm a chicken when it comes to needles. I went in with my DH in a little room to get the sperm(he hates doing that so needed a little help)HA! They immediately took it and while they washed it, we went into a room, put on a gown and I laid down. About 5 min and in came the Dr. with the syringe, inserted the little tube just inside the opening of my ueterus(you really don't even feel it inserted) and put the syring in the other end and pushed the sperm in. I laid there elevated for 15 min just talking with my DH and then they came in and we left. They also told me it would be a good idea for us to make love as much as we'd like. No pain, no restrictions or anything. You wait 14 days and then test, or thats how it was for me. I had it done on 10/04/00 and tested 10/18/00. It was a very faint but true BFP. We had Harley Colten Gill on 6/26/01.(I say he's 4 already but not quite) It was wonderful!!!! I wish both of you all the best ---- Loads and Loads of Baby Dust to all of us!!!


Estee P - May 21

I am so sorry Darla, about what happened to you! What was that guy thinking!? He wasn't intoxicated, was he? I will pray with all my heart that should you turn out to be pregnant, that everything goes well! But if you're not, I hope the next one! But you have to focus on getting over the whiplash effect right now! But do try to get along with as little meds as possible, just in case, and do another test soon, to get to the truth! Oh you really didn't need this right now! But I hope and pray it will all pa__s very soon! Thanks for all your advice and sharing so far, I'm glad I met up here with you! Molly, hi there! After I got up from my IUI last month, I walked out, got into my car and drove to work. No problems, no pain, no ha__sles. I had very very light patches of blood when I went to the toilet and wiped, but it was so little, it's almost not mentionable. And I must tell you I had a bad IUI, normally it's painless. But my doc has a bit of trouble to get my uterus open, but that is exceptional, I'm a bit of a strange one who always get myself into funny situations! The average woman will feel less discomfort during IUI than when they're having period pains. So good luck to you! Keep my posted, please!


Darla - May 21

Thanks for your prayers Estee, I'm sure I will be ok. Just feel MAJORLY sore this morning. Only took one pain med so far but could really use another one now. AAGH! My DH had planned for us to be at the river with some of his family today but had to cancel which made me feel even more awful, but I'm just not up to it. He is so sweet about it though. He said, "Baby, it's not your fault" I think it scared him more than me. I don't guess the guy was intoxicated, I don't know. They wouldn't let me out of my car until the ambulance got there, so I don't know if he got a ticket or not. He said,"the light was green". Well, yes it was green but the car in front of me didn't realize it apparantly so we were still sitting dead still while he apparantly was looking up at the light and didn't see a big black vehicle just sitting there in front of him. Oh well, I hate that you have a bad time with your IUI's. I didn't realize that you could I guess since mine was ok. Hopefully this next one will be better for you!! I'm in on a couple of posts on here and one of the ladies said, "It had to have been a man that designed us because a woman wouldn't have made our bodies so troublesome". I thought that was cute. LOL


Cee Bee - May 22

Hi everyone - i am also on insemmination programme here in Australia - have just completed my second attempt (waiting for results). However, the first time i was insemminated, I felt no discomfort during the actual insemmination, and felt nothing afterwards. But this time, during the insemmination, the Nurse caused quite a bit of discomfort - to the point that I had to go "ouch" (don't let me put anyone off - it's not that bad, but relevant to my question...), and since then (3 days ago) I have felt constant numb cramping/pain in my abdomen. Very mild, but ever present. I am not questionining "is this a sign of pregnancy" but would like to know if anyone else has experienced this kind of mild cramp-like feeling?? The other thing I should add, is that they think that the "follicle" is in fact a cyst - but they thought they should insemminate just in case it was a follicle (great - talk about high hopes). Am worried the cyst might be causing pain/ruptured - I don't know. Anyone else felt any pain a__sociated with insemmination? Sorry for the long post..



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