IUI With Injections Success

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mrose - February 28

I'll find out tomorrow if my dr wants me to do another round of clomid or start injections and do an IUI. Today is cd1 this cycle. I've done 3 rounds of clomid, no luck. Has anyone had luck with injections and IUI first round? What should I exspect? Any advice/stories would be great. thanks ladies! ***babydust***


mrose - March 1



LIN - March 1

I didn't have any luck my first month, but I've read lots and lots of stories about women who tried for ages on Clomid and then got pregnant on their first injectables cycles. Like you, I did 3 IUIs with Clomid (4th was cancelled due to early ovulation), and I moved on to injectables last month. I'm now in the middle of my second injects cycle. I'm actually glad I moved on, because I respond a *lot* better to Follistim than Clomid, and it's much more controlled. I also have a much thicker lining and a lot more ewcm (due to all the estrogen from the follies). I'm only doing stims to increase the number of eggs due to MFI, though. I ovulate just fine on my own. Doing the shots isn't as bad as it would seem. So long as you don't hesitate too much, it should be ok. If you sit there and think about giving yourself the shots, you can easily freak yourself out, so it's best to try and do it before you think about it. Good luck!


nino3 - March 2

I wanted to ask, are IUI and injectables etc. expensive. I have insurance but dont know if it will cover it. Also who does the IUI? is it your GYNo or a fertility specialist.


mrose - March 2

thanks Lin for responding...dr called yesterday, he wants me to do another round of clomid, and then if no success we'll move on to injectables and IUI. *sigh* so frustrating! .... nino, every insurance company is different, I have Blue Cross, and they cover all the ultrasounds and blood tests that are involved with the IUI but not the actual procedure itself. That price can very from state to state adn dr to dr. My specialist charges $300 for the IUI itself. And yes you would need to see a specialist to do that. Are you on fertility meds now?


LIN - March 2

Damn, sorry to hear that you're having to stick with the Clomid another month. There is definitely something to be said for the piece of mind that moving on to the next step gives you. I just got a call from my doc saying that my estrogen level is 1600 (that's high!). Last month I had loads of follicles, and she cut back my dose toward the end due to high estrogen levels. She didn't really cut back this month, and I think that's because she was hoping to get my big follicles bigger (last month the biggest were only 16 mm). It turns out this month that the biggest ones aren't getting any bigger (only 14 mm), but my body keeps cranking out lots of new smaller ones. She kept going on about what an excellent candidate I am for IVF, so I have a feeling that when I see her tomorrow she might try to convince me to convert this to an IVF cycle. Who knows. Nino3 - The out of pocket costs for IUIs and injectables vary pretty widely. For me, my insurance covers IUI cycle costs at 50%, though they cover some things, like bloodwork, in full. Fortunately, my out-of-pocket maximum is $1000 per calendar year. Even with that 50% coverage, my costs including meds end up coming to around $1000 or so per month, so I've already met that maximum for the year and will be getting it all back. I should be reimbursed for everything I spend on IUI cycles here on out (IVF is a different story - that's not covered at all). Some lucky people, like those who live in Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland and a few other states get all procedures including IVF, GIFT, etc. covered by law, and others get no coverage at all. I think that the UK's NHS covers quite a bit, though there might be a long waiting period. It really all depends on your local laws.


bunz - March 2

Mrose, good question! I have done 3 cycles on Clomid w/ IUI that didn't work out. 2 weeks ago today, I had my 4th IUI, this time w/ injectables. Also had to use Viagra suppositories 4 times a day for 5 days or so. Ended up with one great big follicle and a uterine lining that was 10mm (4mm better than on clomid!). Now we are nervously waiting. Been very lightly spotting for a few days, feeling "different", and had lower abdominal achiness. Now I am experiencing almost no spotting, no period (due today or yesterday) and no cramps, just twinges every now and then. Absolutely freaking out waiting. Running to the bathroom every hour to see if AF has shown her nasty face. By the way, the injections sting, but they aren't too bad. Hubby does it for me in my belly fat. Unfortunately, if things don't work out this cycle, I will be giving myself the injections next round. But...we do what we need to do to, I guess! My advice is to squeeze the fat/skin tightly and the shot doesn't hurt as bad. Hope that helps!


LIN - March 3

It might help to wait until the alcohol is dry before giving your shot. It shouldn't sting. Mine never do. In fact, the only time mine hurt at all are when I use an insulin needle to get the overfill out of the cartridge, and that's only because the needle is a bigger gauge and I end up stabbing myself a few times before breaking the skin. Best of luck! May you be one of the lucky ones that get it right on the first shot!



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