IVF Anyone

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nickay - November 11

Can someone tell me about the IVF what happens and roughly the costs of this?


bell07 - November 11

hi im from australia so im not sure of the cost in usa ........... im starting ivf early next year if im not prego b4 then ............ i was told that you go back on the pill for 2 weeks......... then have injections....then have eggs removed .....basically the whole process takes about 3 months........... and in there somwhere i think its when you have the injections that you have to do your self or hubby does it for you................ you go into menapause for 10 days...yer very scary stuff......... when are you going through ivf?


nickay - November 11

have not gone yet, looks like our last resort , getting information as of now


ROBYN - November 12

Nickay i did IVF and am currently 24 weeks pregnant. We did 2 IVF cycles 1st last november we got pregnant and unfortunately had to terminate the pregnancy in February at 14 1/2 weeks lost all the amniotic fluid. 4 months later in June we used the frozen embryos from Novembers cycle and it worked again. Depending on your state and your insurance IVF for us was completely out of pocket we did whats called a Shared Risk program which only few IVF clinics that are accredited can qualify for. Basically for money up front you get 6 IVF cycles if you do not concieve within those 6 cycles you are refunded 70% of your money. We paid 24 thousand up front that does not include meds. On a fresh IVF cycle medicine runs about 3 thousand a month on a frozen cycle a little under a thousand a month. The average IVF cycle not on a shared risk program is about 12 thousand dollars. We paid everything out of pocket nothing was covered. If you are more interested in IVF i talk on a IVF thread on the infertility board NOV/DEC IVFrs if would like to come over there you ask us all the questions in the world. We welcome everyone good luck to you.



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