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melissap - February 23

Hi. I just had a couple of questions for you if you don't mind. When you had your IUD did you have af?? After you had it removed was af regular??? I had my IUD put in June/04 right after my youngest was born. I did not have any period until Dec/06 with the IUD still in place. I had it removed Jan 3/07. For the last 3 cycles, as soon as I O I have horrible PMS-mood swings, extremley sore BB's, sereve bloating(Ican fill out maternity wear) and today I am cycle day 24 and last month was 25, the cycle before was 28. I know I ovulated on day cd12, but I have no symptoms except I cramped for a few days but I normally cramp for about 5 days before af but i stopped yesterday. No sore bb's just a sore back. WTH???? Anyway just wondering if you were regular or not. I hate BC!! My ff chart is home/missp if you want to check it out. Good luck with your O and I hope it works out for you. Wow that was long. Sorry. Oh stalking your chart and your son is adorable!!!


izechsmama - February 23

okay... let me fill you in on my experience... I had my IUD put in Jan 06 8 weeks after DS was born... i was also b___stfeeding so i didnt get a period until i think April or May... my periods were always very light.. started out 3 days or less.. then I got to the point when they were only 1 day long of brown spotting... i got my first cyst in August... Got my 2nd cyst in Sept and my 3 and 4th cysts in October.. and then they tried to remove my IUD and werent successful until the 2nd time... after removal on Nov 6th I bled for a week.. then I had a ton of pg symptoms sore bbs which had never happened ever in my life...i was nauseus, tired, headaches, i swore i was pregnant... i have always had 28 day cycles so when the 28 day came and i had no period i tested and it was bfn... so then i ended up getting AF on day 45... then the next cycle the same thing happened.. i had lots of prg symptoms.. thought I was preg for sure.. 28 day came and neg test.. so i ended up with a 35 day cycle... then the next cycle came and I had hardly any symptoms at all... i didnt think I was prg... cause I had nothing telling me that.. and i got AF on CD29...and let me add that the AFs i had were absolultely horrible.. 7-8 days of heavy bleeding.. worst cramps of my life... very miserable... so even though they say that fertility should return immediately after removal and they say that there shouldnt be a hormone withdrawl coming off of the IUD.. i did have all these things... i believe it has effected my feritlity because i'm not preg.. and I believe that my body is finally regulating.. and that i was having hormonal withdrawls off of it... i called my dr after i had it removed and missed my period and she said that some people do have to regulate after the IUD and it usually takes a month.. but for me it took 3 months... so i hope this info helps you out... i believe now that i'm regulated and hopefully things will happen this time around.. GL i hope things go good for you!


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 23

I cant give you much insite about IUD but your temps are really high and you are 12dpo maybe you should test it is possible that you are pg. In my novice opinion


melissap - February 23

Thanks Izechsmama.I didn't have any problems with cysts and I was perfectly happy until af returned and I too swore I was preg. I think I am finally starting to regulate perhaps but I have also read that the IUD will thin out the lining of the uterus making it inhospitable for implantation to take place this is one way that it works, and this too may take time to build lining back up so it is hospitable for implantation. If you have short light periods I think that this is more of a sign but I am not sure but that could be an explanation of why it is taking longer to concieve. We are ovulating, the sperm are getting the egg but they cannot implant--if I don't get BFP this month I think I am going stop trying for a couple of months as I really don't want to have a baby at Xmas and in the winter as I live 45 minutes from the hospital and my last labour was 35 minutes I could make it but not on winter roads. I hope you have really good luck this month. it is nice to have the kids close. Mine are 2 years apart APril 19th and April 21st are their bdays 1 Party. Lots of baby dust. Lacyandsamsmomma I have been testing since 8dpo and all BFN so I will keep testing. Feeling really crampy this afternoon so if temp drops in the am I am sure af is coming.



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