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DANI - February 10

I tested this morning with FF and I got a very, very, very, very faint line, but it's there!!! I'm so excited but still going to test tomorrow to be sure. I can't believe we did it! I had some waves of nausea, lots of lotiony cm and light headnesses but still didn't try to make too much out of it. I'm not going to consider this a BFP until I can really see it.....but, thought I would let you all know. How is everyone else doing? Izechs are you testing monday?


frozenfeet - February 10

YAY!!! congrats to you Dani!!! Have a happy and healthy nine months!!!!


carla123 - February 10

congrats to u dani!! let us know when you do another test.hope that they get darker and darker!!! good luck. also are you late for af or not? how many dpo are you??tons of baby dust to u xx


carla123 - February 10

hey dani just read another post from u and you said you did a test a few days ago and it bfn and now 3 dayd later you have dobe another one is that right?? just wanted to know cos i did a test on 9th and it was bfn that was when af was due. still has not arrived so maybe hope for me. how many dpo are you? i am 11-12dpo. x


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 10

Congrats DANI I am happy for you. I however am on CD1 now and waiting for another IUI on the 22nd. Lets hope this one pans out. I am glad someone from our thread got their BFP!!!!


turtle - February 10

Congrats...Happpy and Healthy 9 months!!!!


izechsmama - February 10

OMG~ i'm in shock.. i cant believe it!!!! YAYAYAYA!!!!!!! omg omg omg!!! thats nuts~! CONGRATULATIONS DANI!!! I'm so excited right now.. omg omg omg!!! yayayaya.. i just woke up fom my nap.. haha i slept for 11 hours last night and had to take a nap.. i'm so exhausted.. but this just made my day!! yay! i'm testing monday yes.. but i'm not sure whats gonna happen..


AmySmoak - February 10

Congrats DANI!!! I am so excited for you! I tested on the 10th, 1 day after AF was due and got a BFN...still no AF (Thank goodness!) I am going to be testing tommorow!!! Baby Dust!!! Best wishes!


babynewbie - February 10

congrats dani!!! i am due tomorrow and think she is going to show...ugh...but that's okay. good for you and good luck to all still testing!!!


DANI - February 10

Thanks ladies for all the kind responses. Yep, I'm feeling kinda yucky. Mild cramping, waves of nausea and just very tired at the end of the day. I will be testing tomorrow just to confirm that I am 100%. I feel that I am. I have a feeling that this time around it will hit me a lot differently than with ds. With ds it was a breeze. carla123, I believe I would be 9 dpo, but I'm about 2-3 days late starting af. I think I also O late too.. that's why the test is coming up so light because I don't have enough of the hormone yet. I would test in a few days and hopefully you'll get a line of some sort. GL to you! izechsmama, I can't wait for you test. Hurry, hurry, hurry....lol. It sounds like your preggo already. How is everyone else doing?


izechsmama - February 10

Dani what test did you use?? like what brand???


izechsmama - February 11

DANI, i'm awaiting to hear about that bfp... good luck girlie~ i'm rootin for ya !


AmySmoak - February 11

Can't wait to hear what your test results say...I woke up this morning and tested and got a BFN????I am so confused. I am a week late and I have all the signs and my gut just says that I am! I don't know what to do?!?!?!


babynewbie - February 11

morning...well af is due for me today. i don't have any symptoms of anything anymore so i'm not sure what is happening. the only thing i have is sore sensitive nipples. what gives??? anyway if she doesn't come i'll test in the morning...how is everyone else doing? dani did you test again?


DANI - February 11

Good Morning Ladies!!! I took another FF early test and well, the line is there. Clear as day. It's lighter than the other line but it's clearly there. I can't believe it! We did it! Most likely I will be testing until that line is just as dark as the other one....lol. How is everyone else doing? Izechs any more signs? Are you testing tomorrow?


DANI - February 11

izechs, sorrry, i didn't mean ff, i meant fr (first response) early test. DUH! haha...i guess the pregnancy brain is already setting in...lol.


izechsmama - February 11

YAY DANI! did you tell DH? what did he say?? i'm so excited for you!



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