J Lo Motherof20 Got A BFP This Morning

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motherof20 - April 28

Hi J-Lo wanted to keep you posted. Got my BFP this morning - now I'm nervous as h__l. It's been a long time since I've been a mom. How are you doing?


jez - April 28

Hey motherof2o, im from boston as well we have spoke a couple of times, and i have read u and jlo's post!!! Im sooo happy for u !!!!! and happy that u didnt give up!!!!! God is good!!!


jez - April 28

What were ur syptoms?? and how long were u trying i know u have said it b4 but i forgot???


motherof20 - April 28

Jez, thank you so much. I'm so nervous because it's been so long - my son will be 21 next week. Anyway, I was on the bcp for 18 years, went off in October when I got married - so we have been trying for 6 months. Symptoms: So much gas, I never burp and it's all I was doing even if I drank a gla__s of water. Other than that, light cramping. More symptoms began after I missed af on 4/24 - made dinner that night and couldn't handle the smell - last night made chicken - same thing. That's it - af didn't come on 4/24 so I tested 4/24 and 4/25 both negative. Tested again last night it was ++++++. What about you? How long have you been trying? Best advice I can give you honestly, my husband and I had s_x every other night from the last day of af in March until April 11th.


jez - April 28

Im soo excited for u!! ur a great mom now and u will be a great mommy to ur new bundle of joy =))) We have been trying for 3 months (feels like foreveer) but i know it hasen't been that long!!! I have a daughter who is 3 years old and my life!!! But i was told i was unable to conceieve because of endometroios so i didnt find out i was pg w her untill i was almost 3 months, so i didnt pay attention to my syptoms..... So were are u gonna go for pre-natal care??? i went to brighams for her!! they were good!!!! I'm sooo hapy for u and ur dh!!!!


ruby - April 28

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! i have to admit, mother of 20, i've been keeping up with your and j-lo's story and i must say it's so great to see how your friendship has blossomed. you have been giving her terrific advice. and now i'm so happy for you. you'll do wonderfully. keep us posted on how you do, and throw some baby dust our way. my dh and i are exhausted from trying this month. we've been doing bd every day, or every other day. hopefully it will be our month :)


motherof20 - April 28

Hi Jez; 3 months isn't that long so don't give up hope - when you're ttc though each month gets sad with the BFN - don't give up though - it will happen when you lease expect it. Baby dust. I'm actually going to see what my gyn says about an OB. I'm waiting on her return call this morning - I'm considered a high risk - I had cervical cancer 10 years ago - (it has never come back) but my cervix is weak so they'll want to watch me. So I'll see what my gyn says. THANK YOU RUBY-J-Lo is a very special girl; she has a great head on her shoulders; she's a very smart girl, she just needs someone to lean on and get advice from - and I can totally relate to her situation - I'm so happy I could help her - I just wish there was a way to get her prenatal care before she moves. But I'll talk toher about it again. Baby dust to you and Jez too - keep trying and don't give up.


sth - April 28

I am so happy for you! i have been reading what you and j-lo have been writing and well I am so excited for you! so even if i don't get my bfp this month i am glad for you!!!!


jez - April 28

Hey motherof20, I know 3 months isen't that long and i have faith that it will happen =))) I worked in brighams high-risk OB department!! there pretty good!!! I think this time around i may go to beth isreal??? my PCP recomended it and i haven't herd anything negitive about them so why not??(not that i have herd anything bad about brighams) Is ur son excited??? to hav a baby bother or sister??? My daughter is !!! she prays @ nite and she ask's God to put a baby in mommy's belly LOL, i think it is cute!!!! I can't wait to be prego again =) im so excited!! i feel like a kid w/ no patients.. Well i will keep u and ur lil miricle in my prayers =)


moptherof20 - April 28

Thanks girls - I'm going to keep sending baby dust everyday to you. Jez, my son is so excited he's been begging me for so long to give him a brother or sister and he doesn't care that there is 21 years between them - LOL. He said "if you want mom, why don't you just go nine months, deliver the baby for me and I'll take over from there for you" I think that's pretty funny - so between my son and my husband and me there is tons of happy smiles in our house. I'll be watching for a BFP site from you girls.


Jez - April 28

That is sweet good to know he can help =)) Well off to the gruling dentist now =((( Let me know how ur doc apt goes =)))


dm - April 28

hi motherof20...it's been a while since i talked to you. first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! i am soooo happy for you. i'm sure you're over the moon about this as well as your dh and son. i wish you all the luck in the world and keep throwing that baby dust our way...maybe you're good luck will rub off on the rest of us!!


J-Lo1629 - April 29

Motherof20: Hey I'm so sorry I'm late but i just got a chance to check in. I'm so happy for you. I told you it would happen. I'm so so happy for you. I'm glad you didn't give up. You have nothing to worry about your going to be a great mom. I know you will i can't wait to hear all about what your going through too. As for me i'm fine just thinking of what my baby is going to look like and when it's going to move. I still have to wait a long time. I'm happy for you, I would write so much more but i can't right now i have to go the bells going to ring. Be careful and don't worry your going to be the best mom. Be back later. bye, bye


motherof20 - April 29

Hi there J-lo; so happy to hear from you. I called my doctors office and they want me to come in Monday morning for a blood test then at 8 weeks which is in 3 weeks; I'll have an appt with the doctor and then at 9 weeks is when I'll have the first ultra sound. Is so bizarre to think about starting all over again - I hope I get as lucky as I did the first time. I don't know about you but I feel this weird fluttering in my belly. Not sure what that is. It will be fun to compare notes and keep each other company. Will check back on Monday.


J-lo1629 - May 2

Motherof20: I'm so happy for you, It's cool that we will be going through this at the same time. Now I can ask you how you feel. What are your symptoms? I've been feeling that fluttery feeling in my stomack too, It feels like b___terflys. Well I hate the fact that i have to go but i do the bell just rang. I'll check in ASAP. Don't worry about being a mother again your a great person and your very loving and kind and you already have a son that probably thinks your the best mom in the world. Your going to be a great mom. Well i got to go, now. Bye, Bye.


motherof20 - May 2

J-lo; hi there, the fluttering comes and goes - it's a strange feeling but other than that, I feel great. No sickness yet but it's early. I had a blood test done this morning which will tell me how far along I am (I already know but they wanted me to have this because it tests for other things too I guess) it will be nice to compare notes with each other even though your further along than me. Thanks for the kind words on motherhood - I think this time around will be really nice because I have someone to go through it with me and the fear of being pregnant and hiding it, etc.. is gone so it will be a nice pregnancy - it still frightening though - I felt like a kid this morning going for my blood test instead of a 36 year old wife and mother of a 21 year old. LOL. I was laughing my b___t off. Let's talk soon.


J-lo1629 - May 3

motherof20: Hey it's me again. So TIRED. I can't wake up any more!!! I've been feeling so sleepy. Well on the 14 of this month i will be 2 months. For some reason i feel like I'm going to be 3 months. My stomach is already starting to show and i don't even eat that much. I only eat when i'm hungry. Well when i went to the clinic the first time she told me i was 3 weeks but if i felt it wasn't accurate i should get a sonogram because my last period wasn't normal. It only lasted for 3 days and it was very light, so i could be 3 months right now. What do you think? If i am i will be feeling my baby soon, I can't wait. I have to go but i will check in soon. Take Care and rub your belly for me. I'll see how your feeling when i get back ok, but i'm very hungry right now so i have to go. BYe Bye



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