Janurary 4th AF And Waiting

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Kristina - December 31

To all the ladies trying to get pregnant I wish you all the best. I havent tested yet, but will wait to see if i miss my AF which im hoping I am pregnant. I have been gassy/bloated, craving eggs and toast lol, low s_x drive, creamy/white va___al discharge, my bowel movements gush out when i use the potty, but isnt diarreha but then im hungry again, some ovarian pain off and on, i have had cramps since after my last AF havent really had any lately. Not to mention I am always tied! Good Luck!


Jodie - December 31

I am in the same situation. I think I am and I have the same symptoms. I am having cramps with diahrrea that go away after my trip to the bathroom. I am tired and I am having a ton of discharge. Also I am in a really b___hy mood. Who knows. Let me know if you are....


tricia - January 2

i feel the same way too, i dont know if this bowel movements cause by my excessive eating this past holidays...i got a sore b___st also..i hope AF won't come, my hubby been trying for almost two years..


Fiona - January 2

I know how you feel. We weren't planning a baby, but would love a surprise.!!lol. AF due 2 days ago, tested neg to urine? maybe too soon. Sore b___bs, and really tired. Do you think I might be too old for baby I have just turned 37 years.?


Syd - January 2

I have the same symptoms as you all mentioned, and I believe that v____al discharge is a very promising sign of it's not near ovulation and it's not normal to you. Fiona- you are not too old to have a baby! I believe that you should test in at least another three days. Hope it works out!


Question - January 2

Kristina - is a lower s_x drive, and bowl movement like that a major sign in pregnancy?


Jenica - January 2

It seems like forever when your trying for a baby and af is supposed to come I am two days late and scared to test don't want a No my cousin didn't show positive til 8 weeks the waiting games Fiona no way are you to old my best friend mom had her when she was 42 and everything went great we are both two days late you'll have to let me know i am gonna test this weekend and pray af isn't miessin with me and decides tio come late Good luck to all the ladises trying !!


Fiona - January 8

Tested today 8.01.2005, 4 days late. Neg result:(


jb - January 8

im 36 and ttc. too old, no way .good luck fiona


W - January 10

I am also 36 and TTC 2nd month of trying.. so nope not to old.. AF due today... hope the cow doesn't come!!! ..good luck ladies



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