Jay I Was Out Of Town

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tressa - January 7

Hey, did you think I forgot you? I was out of town for a very unexpected death in the family...a really bad situation. I tested 3 times bf I finally got a positive, and I was almost due for my second period. It seems like one crisis after another in the family in the last month, so the happy news was a relief for everyone. Of course, I am going through the guilt feelings of forgetting I am pregnant, because of all that has been happening. It's just not like it is with the first...so many other things to think about. Do you have any news, yet?


bump - January 9



Jay - January 11

Hi Tressa, So sorry to hear about your loss. Please try not to stress out over it - although it is hard not to - but try! Congrats on your positive - and yes! I got my positive on December 27 - Woooo - we're pregnant! I tested negative that morning - but read the test about 2 hours later and saw a faint line. Called the 800 number on the box, and she said a line is a line, but since it was past the 10 minute mark, it may not be accurate. So - I bought another test - yes another test - peed on the stick in Tim Horton's on my way to work - and got the big fat positive. I can hardly believe a life is growing inside of me - it has been 10 years since my last child. I am only 33, but it still seems so long ago. So - how many weeks do you think you are? I think I am in my eight - but holy cow - my tummy is so bloated I cannot fit into my jeans at all! Don't know what is going on - my first ultra sound is in two weeks, so I am hoping it is not twins!!!!!!


bump - January 11



bump - January 12



johanna - January 12

congrats Jay and Tressa!! hoping for this month, we'll see what happens....


Jay - January 12

Johanna - how long have you been ttc?


johanna - January 12

this is month four now, so i know things are still within a normal range. still, we can hardly wait!


jay - January 13

Johanna - I know, every day seems like an eternity when you are waiting for a positive sign on that pregnancy test - and loads of dissappointment when af comes and the same circle begins. Tressa - where are you????


johanna - January 13

thanks, Jay, for your kind words. i know we'll conceive when the time is right. in the meanwhile, i'm not willing to flush down money each time i take a hpt, so i'm waiting until the day AF hopefully doesn't arrive! congrats to you on being preggers!! how does your older child feel about it?


Jay - January 13

Johanna - actually - if you can believe this - this is my fourth. My daughters are , , and years old. I am in my second marriage and decided to have a child with my new hubby. It seems like my first child though - since it has been sooooo long since my last pregnancy. I am very excited and scared as well. Labour was horrible for me. I am not sure if they will give c-sections on demand these days, but I am definitly asking for one. As for my girls, they are very excited for the baby to come!! Is this your first ?


Jay - January 13

Johanna - had my number lock on - my daughters are 12, 11 and 10 years old.


johanna - January 13

yup - whenever i end up conceiving, this will be my first. i can't wait. glad your daughters are excited about this. i'm very happy for you!


Jay - January 14

Ohhh -Tressa - where are you????


bump - January 17



emma - January 17

what is the deal with the 'bump...' posts? I don't get it. i've seen it on a few threads now and it's annoying me, what is that all about? ladies, congratulations on your pregnancies, you are truly blessed and Johanna, I'm sure your time will come. I'm in the same boat and I too am not using a test til I miss a period cos it's just too expensive. xxx


Jay - January 18

bump is just when you want to send your subject to the top of the list :) I think it is very smart not to test until your af is due - I wasted soooooo much on the tests - got all negatives until I was a week late..



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