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Emma2 - May 31

WOman where are you? How is the pregnancy so far?


jeanette - May 31

LOOOOOL!! Emma....funny you should ask today, of all (giggle)


Emma2 - May 31

I miss you girl! I am so happy for you...if anyone ever deserved a bub its YOU!


curly - May 31

when are you due jeanette?


jeanette - May 31

A???? .....look again!! Curly, not sure yet, will know at 12 week u/s when they can measure....they think I am 6-7 weeks now. Cant stay gals, really sick....ugh. God bless all....


curly - May 31

go get some rest, the pic is toooo cute.


oz - June 1

Congratulations Jeanette. Your not having triplets are you? I have no idea how to read those ultrasound pics but i thought the 3 spots might of meant 3 babies ha ha


jeanette - June 1

Hey girls, thanks Oz. Emma, I miss talking to you too, and everyone else. Life has kinda sped up all of a sudden, LOL. Morning sickness has me on my b___t the last few days.......and yes Oz.....trips. Could hardly believe my eyes. God is great indeed. Gotta take down the pic soon before family sees it, none of the family knows yet cause we want to get past the first trimester and pray all 3 make it before we announce it......Ugh, can hardly stand to sit here, I'm so queazy. gotta lay down, tty all later. God bless.


soimpatient - June 1

Wow Jeanette!!! Triplettes! That's awesome! Were you on clomid when you conceived? I'm just curious because I start clomid in a week! Wow...I wish you the best throughout your pregnancy! I agree with'd better take your pic down before your family sees it! The pic says it all!


Emma2 - June 1

Holy! You only wanted one and look what he has given you !!!!! Get your rest you def. need it. I can imagine what the sickness feels like. It will get better eat small and often. God Bless!


oz - June 2

Wow Jeanette im so happy for you. I apoligize for referring to your babies as "spots". They are very cute spots :)


Anna B. - June 2

Jeanette! Triplets!!! Holy cow!!! Can you donate one to me - ha ha ha! I'm sorry you are feeling bad but it's worth it in the end. Congrats again!


Amber #2 - June 2

OMG Jeanette, you're having triplets?????? How freaking crazy is that??? I'm so excited for you! Boy, did God listen to all of your prayers...and then some!!!! Wow, that is great. I am just so happy for you!!! Again Congratulations x 3!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!



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